Interior Colors 2023 – How to find the perfect color combination for stylish designs

Interior Colors 2023 Each of us dreams of realizing all our ideas while working on the design of the premises. It is especially important to choose the right color combinations in the interior of the rooms. After all, they affect our emotions, which affect our mental and physical well-being. Psychological advice says that colors should be used to their advantage. Scientists have proven that shades can affect not only the emotional state, changing our mood, but also the entire body as a whole, affecting the work of individual life support systems. This discovery began to be used for medicinal purposes. Therefore, one should carefully approach the issue of choosing fashionable colors for the interior decoration trends in 2023. Consider the recommendations and advice of experts. Each room has its own purpose and shades should be selected with this in mind.

The combination of colors in the interior 2023Interior Colors 2023

The entire color palette is conventionally divided into three tone groups. It is a warm, cold and neutral group. But there are situations in which one color evokes either a warm or a cold sensation. Only two colors do not lend themselves to such reincarnation – they are cold blue and warm orange. Blue tones are associated with chunks of ice, while orange warmth is associated with the sun. Changing color combinations leads to a complete transformation of the room.

KitchenInterior Colors 2023

It is much easier to decide on the fashionable color combination 2023 in the interior of the kitchen. Since this room is intended for the preparation and consumption of food, the color scheme should cheer you up and improve your appetite.

In 2023, when decorating a kitchen interior, you should think about using the following colors: yellow, green, gray, beige, orange. They can be combined with light blue, red and others. It is important to create a cozy atmosphere.

Too bright and saturated colors in the kitchen can negatively affect digestion and even reduce appetite. Therefore, use color accents carefully. Although each person perceives colors differently, so be guided by your preferences.

On a note! There are many subtleties when choosing color trends for 2023. The same color can look different in different corners of the room – in one it may be brighter, in another less saturated.

Living roomInterior Colors 2023

The living room is designed for receiving guests and just family recreation. So you should be very careful about choosing a color scheme. Not everyone will feel comfortable in a dark or too colorful room.

Choose neutral shades that won’t irritate you. Make the background light, soft, and individual accents and details can be made bright, or vice versa. In the case of an insufficient number of accents, the desired revitalization of the interior cannot be achieved.

BedroomInterior Colors 2023

Moving on to the design of the bedroom. Since this room is a personal territory, here you can do whatever you want, taking into account only your tastes and preferences. The color gamut of 2023 can range from black to red. The main thing is personal comfort. But since the bedroom is a resting place, there are certain guidelines for choosing colors.

For a more comfortable bedtime, it is preferable to use pastel colors in the design of the bedroom. The purple tint in the bedroom is very good. A soft and calm atmosphere should envelop you with tranquility and comfort. The premise of the room should be associated with cleanliness. This effect can be achieved by using white combined with cyan.

When choosing fashionable colors 2023 for your interior, in addition to the functional purpose of the room, you should take into account the area of the room. A large, spacious room can be filled with light and comfort with the help of warm colors. They evoke positive emotions, create a positive attitude.

Advice! You can visually enlarge a small room by applying cold light colors. Remember this simple truth: a dark color decreases space, and a light color increases it.

Children roomInterior Colors 2023

Initially, you should determine the functional purpose of the living space, only then proceed to the selection of shades. For example, psychologists have proven that it is preferable to decorate a children’s room in calm, soft colors.

Yellow color affects concentration of attention, increases the child’s creativity. Red shades in the interior will awaken the energy and mobility of the baby, but an overabundance of emotions will prevent him from sleeping peacefully.

Color trends 2023Interior Colors 2023

You can create an atmosphere of comfort and coziness by applying trendy interior colors 2023 and various combinations of contrasting shades. The background can be done in calm or bright colors. And then add colors of a different tonality to this background. For example, a pale yellow, warm orange, beige color will harmonize well with red.

Decorative elements can have a wide variety of colors. It is important not to overdo it and not turn your room into “fireworks”. Don’t use all the colors of the rainbow at the same time.

Another approach when decorating a room is to use contrasting colors. Each primary color has its opposite. By building such combinations, you can get a very good result. The antipodes are: red-green, lime-purple, lilac-yellow, black-white, light green-pink.

There are shades that do not get along well with each other. When decorating a stylish interior in 2023, you should not use warm, dark and cold light colors at the same time. The same applies to the combination of a light warm with a dark cold color. For example, burgundy (dark warm) is not friendly with blue (light cold), and yellow (light warm) does not get along with blue (dark cold).

Scientists have proven that such combinations have a negative effect on the psychological state of a person. But in the modern world, it is customary to combine the incompatible, and sometimes such subtleties are not paid attention to. But now you understand the importance of a skillful combination of shades and you can easily bring to life any color scheme.

What colors will be in demand in 2023 – colorist tipsInterior Colors 2023

People in our country are accustomed to interiors decorated in calm and perfectly coordinated colors. And the best option is considered to be an interior made in a single color scheme, where things differ from each other only in shades. But there is another, completely different perception.

Due to the lack of certain knowledge, ordinary people cannot always find the ideal tones, although, perhaps, internally they understand what they want. After all, they definitely traveled the whole city in search of perfectly matching shades, acquired various catalogs of paints and varnishes and applied them a hundred times to the walls and floor of their house. It is at such moments that a color specialist – a colorist – can help.

It would seem that the difficult thing in the profession of a colorist is just to remember which color is best combined with which, and which ones should never be used together. But if everything were so simple, we would all be them.

The basics of color are partly owned by interior designers, decorators, and artists. Even in some hardware stores, you can professionally match colors. But there are also experts in this matter, turning to whom you will be sure that your interior will be made in skillfully selected shades of fashion in 2023.

It will not be superfluous to acquaint the color specialist with the items and accessories that are most dear to your heart. Then he will have an idea of your taste preferences and the style of the future room. It could be anything. Even a carpet that you cannot refuse, your favorite sofa or curtains. This is invaluable information for a specialist.

Another hint could be if you show photos of the interiors you like the most, cut from design magazines or taken from the Internet. This is especially true for the owners of new buildings, in which there is still nothing but bare walls. Since there is no starting point, photos of the interiors you like will come in handy.

Of course, you should not completely trust the colorist with the choice of color. You yourself must decide on the color scheme of the room, because it is you, not the colorist, who will live in it. Its job is to put you on the right track. In addition, he is aware of the latest trends and will select shades based on the proposed models.

Don’t forget that choosing a color is half the battle. We need to find the latest shades over the next few years. This is especially important for a children’s room. After all, the room grows with the baby, the appropriate bright colors of the room will be useless when he becomes a teenager. In this case, the colorist can advise the most optimal color combination for any age of the baby.

It may also happen that in the end you will choose shades that you did not even look at at the beginning or you did not like them at all. It is in order to show you all the possible combinations that the help of a colorist is needed. He will help you choose the most daring duets of shades that will perfectly fit into your future interior.

Ideally, for the whole house, it is better to choose a single color. That is, all doors, locks, platbands, locks, plinths should tie together the interior throughout the house. Departure from this principle is possible only in some rooms.

Paints and varnishes have such a feature as varying degrees of absorbency on different surfaces. From this, their saturation will also change. This should be taken into account when choosing finishing materials. This is especially true of the front of the building – the painting area is large, it will be a shame if, after drying, the paint changes its color dramatically. The paper on which the paint is applied in the catalog will not convey its real color on the material, because the facade can be sheathed with wood, plastic, covered with plaster or bricked. In all cases, the paint will look different.

Painting a small piece of the facade with a selected shade of paint can help. Wait for it to dry and finally decide on the color scheme. Again, don’t forget about the light that bounces off each surface unevenly.

How to choose a good wall paintInterior Colors 2023

On each package of paint or varnish, you can find a special set of numbers and letters. To begin with, what are paints and varnishes? These in modern construction include compositions in the form of powder or liquids, which on surfaces impart texture or color to the film. Various priming mixtures, enamels, paints, varnishes, antiseptics and putties can be attributed to paints and varnishes or paintwork materials, as they are abbreviated.

Varnishes are capable of forming a transparent film; it is customary to use them mainly for interior work. Putties are “inseparable” from primers, because one cannot be used without the other. These materials act as a kind of basis for the future paint layer. Their main purpose is to prepare the surface, level it. Antiseptic solutions are applied to protect the surface.

Good to know! In order to make it clear exactly what properties this or that paint or primer has, it is customary for manufacturers to apply a special marking of letters and numbers, by decoding which you can get information about the required product.

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