Anti Trends 2023: How To Renew Your Interior?

Anti Trends 2023: How To Renew Your Interior? Any trend sooner or later becomes an anti-trend, but then after a while they return to us as a trend.

As we all well know, fashion, as well as history, revolves around and therefore what was considered fashionable just a couple of years ago today can be attributed to one of the anti-trends of 2023. In addition, each country has its own fashion and its own trends, and what may be a trend here in Canada in Russia may be considered an anti-trend.

Therefore, today I will share with you small and budgetary tricks that will help you update your interior, understand what is outdated in it and how to replace your anti-trends of 2023 with more modern and interesting ideas.

You can see photos with examples of trends in 2023 here.

1. Anti Trends 2023: Pillows!Anti Trends 2023: How To Renew Your Interior?

Let’s start with the most common anti-trend – pillows. As I talked about in the video about the trends of 2023, our decor has become more a source of self-expression than a functional necessity.

This is an example of our clients’ house before renovation, and if you want to know how we changed this interior, subscribe to our channel and do not forget to click on the bell so as not to miss the next video.

Pillows in your interior should create dynamics and delight you. Therefore, the same small pillows lined up in a row, or an alternation of two colors, or pillows of the same color with the sofa, it’s time to replace.

You don’t need to throw anything away! You can buy several large pillows and on small ones you can simply change the covers for something more interesting, creating a good mood and comfort.

2. Anti Trends 2023: WallpaperAnti Trends 2023: How To Renew Your Interior?

Wall Stickers and Photorealistic 3D Photo Wallpaper it’s time to replace it in 2023!

I perfectly understand the desire of my clients, especially on cold winter days, to be on the ocean shore or in a green blooming garden, but our subconscious mind perfectly understands that by hanging a photo of the Eiffel Tower on the wall, we will not find ourselves in France.

In contrast to this “self-deception”, surrounding ourselves with surreal art that will create associations and not photorealistically convey reality will help our subconscious mind to relax and dream. Realizing that we are not trying to cheat him, but simply let us finish the missing plot ourselves.

For example, when creating a coastal interior at home, we do not hang fishing nets on the walls, and do not lay shells, pearls, anchors and lighthouses on all the shelves. We try to convey the feeling of sea, sun and warmth through colors, materials and textures.

“Well-designed design is built on associations!”

The same is the case with photowall-paper! Moreover, surreal wallpapers with a plot are one of the trends of 2023 and there are simply countless options on the market.

3. Anti Trends 2023:  Photo PrintingAnti Trends 2023: How To Renew Your Interior?

Also, photo printing on glass kitchen aprons is considered one of the anti trends of 2023! This is one of our past projects, we have been choosing a drawing for this kitchen for a very long time, and at the end, after a couple of years, it got tired of it very quickly and, moreover, became one of the list of anti-trends in 2023. The good news is that glass is always easy to replace.

So never follow trends – only your personal tastes and feelings. You can’t keep up with trends – and tastes and personal preferences remain with us throughout our lives!

4. Anti Trends 2023: Ceiling LightsAnti Trends 2023: How To Renew Your Interior?

Flush-mounted ceiling lamps sagging in a semicircle are also outdated.

There are so many beautiful and cheap lamps on the market that, if only for the sake of interest, if I were you, I would check it if you still think that replacing the lamp is an expensive pleasure.

And hanging only one lamp in the middle of the room is also not fashionable for a long time, add a couple of table lamps, floor or wall sconces and you will see how your interior will be transformed.

If you do not have the opportunity to conduct electricity, for example, in rented apartments, then you can always decorate the interior with large floor and table candles!

5. Anti Trends 2023: GrayAnti Trends 2023: How To Renew Your Interior?

You won’t find a cold gray color anywhere in stores today, it feels like we have become afraid of it.

This cold dampness was replaced by warm cream and peach tones.

As I told in the video about the psychological influence of color, brown throughout history gained particular popularity in times of instability, uncertainty, economic and social crises.

This color grounding, associating for many of us with the earth, tree roots, fallen leaves – adjusts to practicality, moderation and sober calculation. This color allows us to find a state of calmness and balance in the most difficult times, “to put down roots,” and to stand firmly on our feet. It is for this reason that this color was chosen as the color of this year, but I talked about this in detail in the video about the color of 2023.

6. Anti Trends 2023: Chrome SilverAnti Trends 2023: How To Renew Your Interior?

I cannot call chrome-plated silver a direct anti-trend, but if you decide to change your gray-white interior to brown, for example, furniture, curtains or the color of the walls, then the accessories should also be replaced, especially since there is no easier, cheaper and more effective way to update your interior!

If earlier, for example, chrome-plated silver was ideally combined with sterile white interiors, similar to the castle of a snow queen, today, of course, warmer metals such as copper and brass are combined with warm shades of beige and brown!

7. Anti Trends 2023: Artificial FlowersAnti Trends 2023: How To Renew Your Interior?

Artificial or dried bouquets of flowers have come to replace them too.

Today this outdated type of decoration can be very stylishly replaced with pampas grass, twigs of cotton or lavender, they can be ordered on Ali Express, literally for a penny, or you can do it yourself, as I described in the video about the trends of this year.

8. Anti Trends 2023: Accent WallsAnti Trends 2023: How To Renew Your Interior?

Nobody has made accent walls for a long time either. If you like a certain color, then take courage and paint the whole room with this color and on only one wall. Even moldings, skirting boards, doors and furniture can be painted with the same color. This is a bold decision, but it will look much more spectacular than just one lonely wall.

Especially if you accentuate the wall for no particular reason, just to accentuate the wall.

In a thoughtful interior design, an accent wall is created to achieve some kind of design solution. for example, transfer the focal point from the TV, as we did in one of our old projects! An accent wall must be thought out and justified in terms of design and layout.

9. Anti Trends 2023: Traditional TypefaceAnti Trends 2023: How To Renew Your Interior?

A traditional dining set in which all the chairs and table as a selection from the same collection, it’s time to renew, not replace, but renew! It is not at all necessary to change all the chairs; it is enough to replace at least a couple of chairs with others that will only be somewhat similar, as I described in the video about the 5 basic design rules.

Again, following the main trend of 2023 – the trend towards individuality, freedom of expression and lack of style frames, choose chairs that will delight you, make your own throne and enjoy it at every meal like kings.

The same goes for the bedroom set, swap the bedside tables for something more lively and interesting from the new collections.

I always tell my clients that in the modern world of interior design, furniture is selected for something and not ready-made and assembled headsets.

Seated bulky, monotonous furniture from the same collection, no matter how comfortable and practical, it will return your interior at least 10 years ago, no matter how you try to disguise it and hide it under bedspreads and pillows. Furniture must be handpicked and not assembled!

10. Anti Trends 2023: Fur CarpetsAnti Trends 2023: How To Renew Your Interior?

Fluffy pile carpets are also out of fashion. Rather because of their lifespan than fashion. Everyone has already managed to make sure of the impracticality and fragility of these shaggy rugs, so now short-haired carpets made from natural materials are returning to fashion – durable, environmentally friendly and practical.

11. Anti Trends 2023: TV WallsAnti Trends 2023: How To Renew Your Interior?

Nobody has been making TV walls for a long time either, rather, on the contrary, today we want to disguise the electronics as best as possible. Making a focal point out of the TV and decorating it like a Christmas tree, as was customary before, is no longer fashionable, but rather the opposite.

You can move the focal point in the interior from the TV to another object, and unload the wall on which the TV hangs as much as possible so that it does not stand out, but, on the contrary, merges with the rest of the interior.

12. Anti Trends 2023: Coffee TablesAnti Trends 2023: How To Renew Your Interior?

It is also time to replace a massive coffee table with many drawers that occupies half of the room with several small coffee tables that can be placed in the corners of the sofa, and instead of the old coffee table, you can put a soft and comfortable ottoman.

You have no idea how much more convenient it is to have a coffee table close at hand and not under your feet. Moreover, designer ottomans and tables can also help you to transfer the focal point from the TV.

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