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Decorative Trends 2019 from Pinterest Decorating your own home is an individual matter in which there are no general rules. Nevertheless, it can be said that it is the small details that give life to one’s own four walls, making them even more comfortable and unique. Pinterest is considered a source of inspiration in many areas, so in the following article we would like to introduce you to the decorative trends 2025 in the interior, which have emerged on the platform of ideas.

Decorative Trends 2025 – Sage green colorsDecorative Trends 2019 from Pinterest

This soothing hue causes great excitement among Pinterest users. The trendy sage green, also known as bright gray green, is so restrained that it can be combined with virtually any kind of decoration. At the same time, however, the beautiful trend color tone remains present and ensures a pleasant ambience. The discreet mixture of gray and green in the interior creates a juicy and noble feel, transforming the space into an oasis of calm.Decorative Trends 2019 from Pinterest

According to Pinterest comes the absolute all-rounder in 2025 quite big. The muted color is one of the top decorative trends in the interior. The sage green fits in the living area as well as in the bedroom, bathroom or in the kitchen. Accessories such as vases, pillowcases or tablecloths in sage green set great color accents in the room. The combination of wood and sage green is enchantingly beautiful and paired with brass, the trend color looks glamorous.

XXL wall art is one of the decorative trends in the interiorDecorative Trends 2019 from Pinterest

Liven up the bare walls and create your own art on the wall. Large pictures, posters, photo prints and various other works of art are increasingly on the rise. This decor trend allows you to beautify the walls in your home with an individual interpretation of wall art. Whether abstract art or a picture gallery according to your own style, everything is allowed and absolutely hip.

Decorative trends 2025 from Pinterest – herringbone patternDecorative Trends 2019 from Pinterest

If you want to make a room look modern and want to give it depth, with the trendy herringbone patternon the right track. This unique pattern is versatile, truly refreshing and radiates a timeless elegance in the room. Whether as a floor covering or as wall tiles, it lets the interior shine in a completely different light.

The statement blanket as a new trend in livingDecorative Trends 2019 from Pinterest

A statement blanket can change the atmosphere in any room significantly. What do you think of a daring painting or eye-catching, patterned wallpaper on the ceiling? Create a unique decor by stroking the ceiling with a bold hue or glossy paint. Thanks to the mirror effect, the small room will also appear larger.Decorative Trends 2019 from Pinterest

Apart from daring colors and different patterns you can achieve an extraordinary ceiling design with many other optical effects. For example, you can panel the fifth wall with wooden panels or make an elaborate ceiling installation using wooden parts. Romp around on the ceiling and let your eyes look upwards.

Use decorative color – Colorful doorDecorative Trends 2019 from Pinterest

A colorful front door or a brightly colored door is an original way to welcome your guests and make them feel good. Give the door a fresh, colorful finish. Especially if the walls are simply white, the colorful door will be perfect. The rooms are equally inviting and lively.Decorative Trends 2019 from Pinterest

The doors do a lot more than separate rooms or connect them at the same time. In modern living environments they are an important design element. Why not instead of taking extra space off the wall, turning the entire surface of the door into a beautiful canvas?

Decorative trends 2025 in the interior – Spa bathroom in your own four wallsDecorative Trends 2019 from Pinterest

Would you like to feel the unforgettable holiday atmosphere every day in your apartment? Then turn your bathroom into a great oasis of relaxation with a few spa accessories and bring the holiday feeling home. Scented candles, healing stones or toiletries for a soothing relaxation bath are undoubtedly a resort-inspired decor for your bathroom.Decorative Trends 2019 from Pinterest

The desired wellness feeling can be achieved in no time if you do not simply pile the fresh towels on top of each other, but instead roll and decoratively lay them on the shelf. Towels that harmonize in color with the rest of the bathroom, also cause miracles.

Terrazzo is still absolutely inDecorative Trends 2019 from Pinterest

The great flooring from the 70s is coming back this year and beautifies not only the floors, but also ceilings and walls. In the kitchen as a floor, worktop or kitchen back wall, the material is very durable and looks just great. The unique terrazzo design gives the room a playful touch and gives you the opportunity to add color accents and create dynamic space without having to reshape the entire surface.Decorative Trends 2019 from Pinterest

Of course, if you want to realize this trend, you do not have to plan a renovation right away. A terrazzo table, serving tray, vase, chandelier or maybe bedding with the typical spotted terrazzo design, are a great and fast way to implement this trend with little effort.

Latest Home Trends on Pinterest – Bone InlayDecorative Trends 2019 from Pinterest

One of the latest decorative trends released by Pinterest for 2025 is its unique bone inlay style. The eye-catching, pretty patterns look gorgeous on pieces of furniture and turn various smaller items into real eye-catchers. Bone inlay in the modern apartment adds a vintage touch.Decorative Trends 2019 from Pinterest

On the next visit to the flea market for single pieces look at the unique ornamentation. You can not just bring this trend home with a large piece of furniture. Small decorative elements, such as decorative boxes, boxes and vases fulfill the same purpose and look incredibly chic.

Elegant and trendy metal mixDecorative Trends 2019 from Pinterest

Metal as a decorative element looks great in every style. For a particularly beautiful and strong effect, combine different metals together. Anyone who thinks that silver, gold, copper and brass do not match is wrong. By mixing metal accents, you bring the room to shine and make the otherwise uniform look look more varied.Decorative Trends 2019 from Pinterest

The fact that we have come through all metallic trends in recent years does not mean that you have to sort out your favorite pieces made of copper or brass. But on the contrary! Mix everything that shines. Arrange your metal decoration in small groups and do not be afraid to place the brass lamp next to the copper vase.

New decorative trends – houseplants with patterned leavesDecorative Trends 2019 from Pinterest

A room full of houseplants looks more friendly, lively and inviting. With plants you can instantly influence the atmosphere and create a natural decoration. Plants with patterned leaves are particularly popular this year. The arrowroot, the rattlesnake plant, the Dieffenbachia and many more stand out with the different shades of green and provide a natural charm in the interior.

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