5 Best Interior Design Trends For 2023

The new year 2023 is almost in the starting blocks. As every year, there are new developments in fashion that also affect the world of living. We’ll tell you which are the 5 best interior design trends for 2023 and how you can implement them yourself quickly and easily with the help of the furniture film.

Still popular: Scandinavian designBest Interior Design Trends For 2023

The furnishing ideas of the Scandinavians have been the most popular living trends for a long time and are getting the appropriate attention this year. Rooms with a Nordic touch appear airy, light, seem somehow timeless and support your relaxation processes.

What defines the furnishing style?

The motto is “Form follows Function” – in every respect. Scandinavian living means living comfortably, simply and practically. Scandinavian design is extremely contemporary and almost minimalist reduced to the essentials. What makes the furnishing style so homely are its many natural elements and the combinations of various original materials. Wood and soft textiles in particular play a decisive role. It is also important that the harmony between the basic elements is well balanced – also in terms of color.

Which colors work for the Nordic living trend?

It’s as simple as ABC: it should be bright, fresh and, ideally, as much white as possible. The winter time in the north is characterized by constant darkness. So it seems logical that the Nordic population would like to counteract the gloomy winter mood with the appropriate equipment. So that the balancing act towards a natural origin is elegantly spun, fresh splashes of color, for example through plants with lush green, create even more cosiness. In general, all colors that can also be found in the Scandinavian landscape work. Inspired by the spectacular nature of the wide fjords and the lush mountain landscape, muted shades of blue and green work perfectly. These small highlights can, for example, be implemented harmoniously using decorative elements such as vases or pillows.

Which wood makes sense?

Wood, wood, wood! Hardly any other raw material provides such natural charm as wood. Since the pine is one of the most robust and fast-growing woods in coastal regions, the Scandinavians primarily use pine – also because of its light and fresh coloring. In general, all light types of wood that are processed and used sustainably work. Spruce and birch are also often used for this reason.

How can I round off the facility?

Everything that contributes to a homely overall picture is allowed. This also means that the appropriate lamps and light sources should be used accordingly. Candles and warm lights in combination with cozy textiles put the icing on the cake for your Scandinavian interior.

So you can implement the trend with furniture foil yourself

Our furniture film is particularly suitable for realizing Nordic design elements without having to dig deep into your pockets or even undertaking lengthy renovation work. With the help of the various wood foils such as fir, rough beige, larch, alder, stripe and birch, you can beautify tables, chests of drawers, cupboards or desks in no time and thus give your home the coveted natural charm. You can set color highlights with the furniture foils pine blue, light pigeon blue, light ivory, sand yellow, dark ivory, mint and sky blue, for example by sticking the drawers of your dresser. You can even use it to redesign walls and save yourself the hassle of painting. For the Scandinavian furnishing trend, the foils cypress, white pine, white pine,

Modern romance: Boho chic in your apartmentBest Interior Design Trends For 2023

Whether clothing, hairstyle, photo presets or the stylish living room in the magazine: Almost everywhere you get nudged on this wonderful living trend. This style looks unconventional and is reminiscent of a detached and lively hippie era – and in a really chic way. We think this style is definitely one of the 5 best interior design trends for 2023.

What is the Boho style?

Boho is actually just the abbreviation for bohemian, a subculture of artists, authors and musicians who deliberately distance themselves from the attitudes of the majority in order to make their lives more colorful and fun. And that includes a somewhat gaudy, shrill and colorful mix of colors and furnishings.

Which colors work for the boho style?

If there were the color colorful, that would be the correct name. In the meantime, however, the boho style has developed more and more into a very aesthetic and elegant living culture. That is why many now use a harmonious interplay of natural colors. These include green, olive, kaki, brown, beige and lots of white. Green walls, brown leather furniture and wooden tables in combination with light textiles such as pillows or blankets look great. In some cases, however, the boho style is already blending strongly with Scandinavian design. That is why more and more use the airy, light effect of bright rooms in combination with the detached decoration of the boho style. But make sure not to overload the color of the room and even make it too dark. It is best to limit yourself to 4 colors.

Which decorative elements make sense?

The Boho style is shaped by cultures from foreign and exotic countries. Ornaments, wreaths, fringes, patterns and animal motifs are simply part of it. You can already achieve a lot by using oriental elements. Wall plates, lanterns or palm motifs are extremely stylish. But also plants such as figs, cacti, monstera or banana bring a wonderful boho touch to your four walls.

So you can implement the boho look yourself with furniture foil

You can already set wonderful accents with the wood foils robinia, elm, wild oak, modern oak and rustic oak. The foils are perfect for adapting old furniture such as tables or chests of drawers to the boho design. For the wall design, we recommend light and muted color foils such as dark beige, light beige, polar white or mint. So that your interior gets that certain exotic flair, you can set great highlights with our various leather and textile foils. Since DIY is very much in vogue for this furnishing style, you can, for example, cover picture frames, candlesticks or storage boxes with our leather film smooth leather brown or the textile film Brabeh Tex.

Iron love: industrial design kisses minimalismBest Interior Design Trends For 2023

Two of the most popular furnishing trends of recent years are increasingly merging into one. Modern, trendy, classic and clear. Minimalism is characterized above all by its clear structures, whereas the industrial touch with unconventional shapes and materials captivates. If you bring both together, you get an enchanting living style that couldn’t be more modern and cleaner.

What defines the individual furnishing styles?

Industrial Living is dedicated to objects and rooms from the time of the industrial revolution. In the course of the modernization of many districts around the world, former factory halls and workshops have been converted into luxurious lofts. High walls, large iron windows, red brick walls and metal objects. Minimalism creates order and calm and separates itself from all things that are actually not needed. The reduction to the essentials gives the industrial lofts of that time even more space and space, creates a clear view and inspiration.

Which colors are in the foreground in this living combination?

It can get a little darker here. Especially in large rooms, dark colors are more cozy because they make the room look smaller. Dark brick walls or walls were also used in the past. Accents can ideally be set with slightly lighter tones, for example a harmonious gray. Perfect! Because gray is also concrete and concrete has become a very important part of minimalist furnishings. In order to keep the puristic idea in the choice of the furnishings and decorations, you should definitely not be too bright in color. Very small colored swabs are ok. However, you should avoid too many colors. You can achieve a fresh touch with the help of a great plant.

Which elements add value to this trend?

The following applies to minimalism: less is more. The following applies to industrial design: it has to be metal. That is why the conscious and discreet use of unusual objects reminiscent of the industrial era (for example a metal floor lamp or vase) is exactly the right thing to do to create creative highlights without being too thick. But if you like it more cozy, you can use cozier materials and warmer colors for the finishing touches.

This is how our furniture film supports you in the implementation

In any case, the brick red or brick gray stone foils are suitable for a suitable wall design – without any splashes of color. The brick look goes perfectly with an industrial look and brings that certain rough charm with it. Our various concrete foils are ideal for redesigning or redesigning your furniture. A chest of drawers in the trendy concrete light gray design couldn’t be more minimalistic and automatically sets a colorful eye-catcher. The metal foils rust and metal chips are also ideal for special highlights.

The fresh breeze: the maritime furnishing style

We automatically associate maritime with water, the beach, boats and, ultimately, somehow with vacation. How great would it not be to simply bring this home with you? The maritime living trend is one of the best 5 furnishing styles in 2023 and also contains the most important colors for this year: The facets of the ocean.

What distinguishes the maritime living trend?

The name actually speaks for itself. Because with this furnishing style you bring the flair of the South Sea coast into your apartment. The most important element is the color blue in connection with a lot of white and facets of azure. What should definitely not be missing are natural elements made of wood. This in turn should be reminiscent of ship planks and walkways. The blue color can and should even be used muted and discreet.

Where does this living trend fit best?

Blue has a strong calming effect and is a great color, especially in rooms with a relaxation factor. In the living room, it ensures the calming hours after work. In the bedroom for heavenly dreams. But the maritime style can also create a wonderful wellness oasis in the bathroom.

Which decoration suits a maritime style of living?

You can round off your interior wonderfully with fresh plants and soft and light textiles. They not only bring attractive splashes of color, but also more comfort. To really show the maritime style clearly, you can also use different water and beach elements. A couple of seashells, fine beach sand in a tea light or rustic driftwood furniture complete the whole thing. It is important that you use a few, but consciously selected, objects for the decoration, without visually weighing down the room.

This is how you bring the South Seas flair into your apartment with the furniture film

Since our adhesive films are waterproof and antibacterial, you can even use them in the bathroom or kitchen. Thus, the redesign suggestions really apply to your entire apartment. With the wood foils stick wood, parquet sanded, panel and ship floor you provide a breathtaking natural touch. The great thing: You can also stick it on tiles and quickly upgrade your bathroom with a parquet look. Otherwise, of course, the wood motifs work on a variety of different furniture, such as tables, cupboards and sideboards. For the walls, we recommend a light colored foil, such as the foil pigeon blue light. You can also stick the pine blue foil on walls and conjure up a kind of wood paneling in your apartment.

Beautiful world: Art Deco focuses on luxuryBest Interior Design Trends For 2023

The dazzling Art Deco world is dedicated to the brilliant decorations made of gold, silver, pomp and noble colors. It was shaped primarily by the influences of classicism and art nouveau. In the meantime, this furnishing trend has become a colorful countermovement to the increasingly minimalist living trends.

These are the basic ingredients of Art Deco

The overall picture consists of straight shapes and structures as well as imaginative decorations. The materials used are usually very high quality. Precious woods such as mahogany and ebony are complemented by luxurious marble and gold elements. Art Deco furnishings are therefore considered classic and always tasteful.

How is the modern Art Deco style designed?

Art Deco and modern don’t fit? And how that fits! The combination of classic elements and designs with high-quality technical equipment is ideal for a new interpretation of the classic furnishing style. Leather and velvet furniture are once again gaining popularity and can be added perfectly. The connection to other furnishing styles also quickly loosens up the avant-garde design and brings fresh momentum to your four walls. Concrete planters with Boho-style plants such as the Monstera are suitable for this.

So you can implement the Art Deco style with furniture foil at home

In terms of color, this living trend is based on rich and opulent colors. Our self-adhesive furniture foils purple gray and royal blue work wonderfully as wall paint. Patterned foils are also suitable for walls, such as the leather foils Volcana and nappa leather. You can create the final touch with highlights using our metal foils. Silver edges on your living room chest of drawers or golden fronts in your kitchen? The adhesive films are available in different designs from fine to coarse. For a wonderful Art Deco look, we recommend using the foils fine gold and silver fine.

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