2025 Trends for Home Interior Decoration Design and Ideas

Home Interior Decoration Design 2019

Many times we are afraid to decorate following fashions, due to the fact that all fashions are temporary. But for interior decoration there are certain trends that are maintained over time and give the same elegance as fashion trends. If you have good taste you can perform this task alone, otherwise an interior house design … Read more

10 Interior Paint Colors That Will Be Trend In 2025

Interior Paint Colors 2019

It is with joy that I collaborated with Marie-Chantal Milette, who bathes in color with fascination, for the writing of this post! Having studied color psychology at Pantone and being at the head of Agence Couleur Kryptonie, Marie – Chantal shares her vision of neutral colors with fabulous trend colors. The 5 favorites of Marie-Chantal … Read more

10 Most Popular Interior Decoration Trends in 2025

Popular Interior Decoration Trends in 2019

The beginning of the year is synonymous with renewal and change, and that often means getting out of your comfort zone. This principle applies especially to decoration! What will be the interior decoration trends in 2025? If you spend a little time on Pinterest or Instagram, you may have noticed that the color is definitely … Read more

10 Interior Decor Trends We Will See Everywhere In 2025

Interior Decor Trends 2019

From a very young age, when I went to the hardware store with my dad, I always went near the color display, where I liked so much choosing free samples to play the decorator. What happiness! Today, this joy still lives me as much at the coming of the cold season and the unveiling of … Read more