Top 12 Pinterest Interior Decor Trends 2023

Top 12 Pinterest Interior Decor Trends 2023

Like every year, Pinterest unveils its small ranking of decorative novelties that will mark the next twelve months. In its report published this day, the platform predicted the interior design trends that will prevail after the holiday season. So what will your house look like next year? What’s the coolest 2023 Pinterest decor trend of … Read more

10 Top Trends in Decoration 2025 Based on Pinterest 100 Ranking

top trends decoration 2020 pinterest

Today we are going to do a futurology exercise predicting the trends in decoration that are going to govern this year. And since I like the concrete data, this is based on the Pinterest 100 ranking, where they detail the concepts that have increased their searches within their platform. First I start by defining that … Read more

Decorative Trends 2025 from Pinterest – New Trends for Stylish and Modern Home

Decorative Trends 2019 from Pinterest

Decorating your own home is an individual matter in which there are no general rules. Nevertheless, it can be said that it is the small details that give life to one’s own four walls, making them even more comfortable and unique. Pinterest is considered a source of inspiration in many areas, so in the following … Read more