Trends in Interior Design 2025: Bright Comfort and Modest Luxury

What will be the interior design in 2025, and what new trends will capture the industry according to the magazine Elle Decor.interior design trends 2020

The desire of people to respect for the environment, the search for harmony in life and mutual support will replace the wasteful consumerism and will form current trends in the design and decor of the interiors of 2025. The bold, eccentric and often expensive projects of the past year will be superseded by a reasonably modest, practical, environmentally friendly and convenient design in 2025, contributing to the creation of functional, cozy and modern interiors. Elle Decor publishes its forecasts about what trends in interior design and decoration will be relevant in 2025.

The year of family, love, success in relationships and work will bring new trends in interior design that will help to create cozy spaces and improve the quality of life. The most important message of the new trend is to see and develop the potential of existing things without spending money and energy on creating new ones.

Current trends in interior design 2025

interior design trends 2020 Modern bedroom design: large windows, the use of natural fabrics in home textiles, neutral colors

1. Calm comfort

The main focus of the designers of new interiors will be on simplicity and comfort. The modern bedroom in their understanding is a small, bright and comfortable space for rest, reading and sleeping. An essential attribute will be large windows and good lighting. In the design preference is given to natural fabrics of natural colors.

Light dividers, cozy corners, small spaces for different tasks, combined into one open zoned interior, will also become a trend of modern design. Small closed spaces will allow you to retire and relax in the tranquil atmosphere of charming homeliness. The development and design of even the smallest and unappealing rooms in the house will give it exceptional comfort. Handcrafted wooden stairs and attached tables will add warmth to modern interiors with polished concrete floors.

2. Actual color palette

The main colors of the 2025 interiors will be green and brown, which will be used in combination with all shades of blue, white, black, dark red, soft orange and dark yellow. Natural colors will create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. Fine shiny details of golden color or color of gray metal that will complement and balance the calm and comfortable basic colors of the room are permissible. Luxurious copper and bronze will add warmth and chic to the decor of modern interiors. All shades of gray, terracotta, wine and dark purple are the perfect choice for interiors 2025.

interior design trends 2020 Brown wood, modern living room furniture and wooden wall panels

3. Natural materials (dark wood, cork) and bright lights

The light brown colors of natural wood are modern and attractive. They have long been successfully used for the decoration of small rooms. One of the new trends in interior design 2025 will be the use of dark wood, which brings into the decor of the room “delicious” chocolate and cinnamon shades. Another beautiful material is natural cork, which will often be found not only in floor decor, but also in walls and doors. Filled with wood and soft textiles, rooms require bright lighting. The combination of wood with a variety of spotlights and ceiling lights creates a feeling of spaciousness, warmth and comfort.

interior design trends 2020 Dark wood table and bright lights in the cafe interior

4. Simple shapes and metal furniture

Another current trend in interior design 2025 is simplicity of shapes and lines. Geometrically-clean and elegant designs with smooth corners will be very relevant in modern interiors. The fashion will return to minimalism, high-tech and Scandinavian style. The influence of retro-modern will increase. Metal furniture in combination with wood and upholstered will gain unexpected popularity. Its characteristic durability and strength will become the basis of a fashionable home interior.

interior design trends 2020 Metal table, chairs, suede upholstery fabric, dining furniture

5. Recycling and renovation

Renovation projects of 2025 will demonstrate the magnificent skills of designers who create real works of art and unique furniture from the ruins, harmoniously blending into the style of the room, maintaining the balance of color and texture.

interior design trends 2020 Renovated wooden wall in the dining room with metal hanging lamps and soft chevron chairs

6. Thrift and originality

In the coming year, a new theme in interior decoration will be moderation and individualism. Designers will be busy searching for fresh and inexpensive ideas that will personalize any interior for “10 cents”. Non-standard color solutions, creative mixing of textures, a new look at old projects and materials – all this will be actively used in work.

interior design trends 2020 Unfinished wooden shelves hanging on leather straps

7. Unique accessories made of wood and metal

Original handmade items made to order personalize the interior. Designed coffee table with wrought base harmoniously complement the project.interior design trends 2020

8. Bright accents in the interior

Another topical trend in interior design 2025 will be the fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian styles. Such an alliance requires a neutral palette and pinpoints of color. Small accents in bright colors will add energy to a calm color scheme.

interior design trends 2020 Orange cushions are used as color accents in the interior.

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