Latest Interior Decor Trends 2025

Interior Decor Trends 2019 In today’s article we look to 2025 to see the interior trends that will triumph next year. Do you want to discover them? We compile a small selection of all the surprises and novelties that are to come.

Textures, geometry, sculptural lamps, glitters and much more. The 2025 comes full of decoration and rich patterned motifs. We present some of the many surprises that will feature next year’s interior design magazines. Spoiler alert: interior design trends 2025.

The healthy and natural houseInterior Decor Trends 2019

Nature lovers are in luck, the New Year is full of natural tendencies in search of interiors that connect us with Mother Earth. Natural materials and organic designs (where imperfect forms predominate) bring us closer to the beauty of nature, without having to leave home.

In terms of materials, noble wood and vegetable fibers (such as rattan, wicker, sisal, coconut, jute …) bring elegance and warmth to the interiors. Trends that will continue to be very fashionable in 2025. Like tropical prints, botanical motifs and plants in XL version.Interior Decor Trends 2019

And speaking of vegetable fibers, in Indecortrends we recommend you not to lose sight of the cane furniture that will decorate both the exterior and the interior of the house. Whether auxiliary furniture, chairs or armchairs.

The age of metal

And from the most natural tendencies to the most glam and sophisticated proposals. And is that 2025 will also wear their best finery with metallic finishes such as gold and copper , which will remain topical. These coatings will be present in all types of pieces, both in furniture and in small decorative treasures.Interior Decor Trends 2019

To dress the interiors during 2025, the gurus opt for the sophisticated upholstery as the capitoné that will dress sofas, armchairs, headboards … A tasty fabric that is renewed with unexpected colors such as powdered tones.

Ultra violet: the color of 2025 according to Pantone

And speaking of color, this 2025 do not lose sight of the ultra violet, which is the one that has chosen the Pantone Institute as the color of the year. Dramatic, provocative, deeply sophisticated and original, the ultra violet aspires to conquer our decoration due to its great visual power. A color that brings distinction and that combines perfectly with metallic glitter like gold and copper.

If the ultra violet is not your thing, you must know that this 2025 will also be the great year of the rose . Far from showing off its more feminine and sweet side, the rose combines with coppery and golden shades, upholstered in velvet and satin, paintings, sculptures, etc. That is, details that introduce contrasts and sophistication.

Tropical chic

If we combine the natural look with the most sophisticated decoration, we get a trend that will be the protagonist this 2025: the tropical chic style. An aesthetic that fuses the best of two worlds: the freshness of nature with the shines of the most glamorous look.Interior Decor Trends 2019

The result? Botanical motifs such as palm trees and large leaves share prominence with metallic pieces in copper and gold, which shed light and put the sophisticated note and glam.

Main walls

The walls will also be protagonists this 2025. Blank canvases that will reclaim your site and will be dressed in trend with touches as chic as the wallpaper, the tiles, the moldings, the corbels, etc.

The walls will also be trend thanks to wallpapers with geometric designs that will introduce textures and create modern contrasts. And is that the geometry will remain very present this year.

Total White

For those who love discretion and minimalist designs, nothing better than the bright and relaxing white . Neutral tones will continue to be a hit this 2025. A classic that never fails because it is easy to combine, bright and relaxing. So do not be afraid to wear Total White.

Try to combine this color (as a decorative base) with furniture and wooden accessories that provide warmth and introduce contrasts.

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