10 decoration trends that will triumph this autumn-winter 2021-2022 season

The new ‘decor’ season dresses the house with colors and materials that connect us with nature and styles that make relaxation a modern value. But make no mistake, sophistication and ‘glamor’ do not leave us this fall-winter, they simply show a more relaxed version of the so-called ‘new luxury’. Choose from these 10 decoration trends 2022, the one that best suits you and your home!

1. Oriental airsdecoration trends that will triumph this autumn-winter 2021-2022 season

And more specifically the japandi style, which combines Scandinavian and Japanese minimalism, putting the accent on the Zen side of interior decoration, spiced with a pinch of daring. As spiritual as it is functional, it leaves aside the superfluous and bets on the authenticity of things and interior design. Visually clean, with few ornaments that they put in the handmade, green touches, with some tall plants with little flourish, and lots of natural light, which provides a feeling of freedom.

2. Colors inspired by naturedecoration trends that will triumph this autumn-winter 2021-2022 season

If Classic Blue was chosen by Pantone as the color of the year, in this half of 2021 it will be less present, although it will not go away completely. In fact, winter 2021-2022 will be marked by shades inspired by nature. The green  in all its dark hues (from persimmon through the sage or fir) will slip into our homes with the arrival of winter. At the same time, other natural colors will feature prominently in our interiors. This is the case of plant colors such as terracotta, ecru, ocher or even linen gray.

3. ‘Cannage’decoration trends that will triumph this autumn-winter 2021-2022 season

It made a hole in the home last year and it resists leaving us in 2022. So much so, that we see it everywhere and in a multitude of pieces and objects: headboards,  chairs, tables, consoles, suspension lamps… Although it has A retro air, the ‘cannage’ adapts equally well to the country style as to the Scandinavian or, even, the bohemian. A material without adaptation problems!

4. Golddecoration trends that will triumph this autumn-winter 2021-2022 season

Among the decorative ‘tops’ of this season, they could not miss the gleams of the golden metal. An elegant and refined material, gold is a good nod to the ‘ art deco’ style. It elevates occasional tables to a decorative category, dresses up charming chairs and other seats, and enhances a ceiling lamp. Make their presence known.

5. Craftsdecoration trends that will triumph this autumn-winter 2021-2022 season

The artisanal has made a hole in today’s houses, claiming its right to be part of interior decoration for its ability to modernize without losing its essence. Reflecting the need to go back to basics and the pursuit of authenticity, craftsmanship and handmade have a bright future ahead. Among the handcrafted creations that can be part of current interior design, we find basketry items (baskets, trays and other textiles and braids in vegetable fibers), pottery (vase, ornaments and crockery) and ceramics.

6. ‘Slow deco’decoration trends that will triumph this autumn-winter 2021-2022 season

With the coronavirus, many of us have seen our daily habits change. While others have questioned themselves, making the decision to review the way they consume. Halfway between the minimalist trend and the ‘ hygge ‘ art of living, the ‘slow deco’ perfectly reflects this state of mind. The idea is simple: separate yourself from the superficial, keep only the essentials, while continuing to enjoy simple and ethical things. In decoration, above all,  you should feel good at home!

7. Plantsdecoration trends that will triumph this autumn-winter 2021-2022 season

More than a trend, it is a necessity: to surround ourselves with vegetation to feel freer, healthier and more alive. In the same way that the coronavirus has motivated the transfer of the city centers to populations on the outskirts (the purchase of single-family homes has risen 18% in these months), it has also germinated the idea of living surrounded by plants, to that the house is a friendlier and greener place. Do not forget to bet on species that keep the air clean and are easy to care for.

8. Vegetable fibersdecoration trends that will triumph this autumn-winter 2021-2022 season

If before they were the exclusive property of summer and good weather, now they extend their reign to the colder seasons, looking for that cozy and fresh touch that evokes the summer period. In carpets, pots and l sunlamps ceiling the wicker, the rattan or bamboo are your best allies. Another point in your favor? They adapt to all decorative styles, always putting their touch.

9. The walls with personalitydecoration trends that will triumph this autumn-winter 2021-2022 season

They will be the center of attention for their mix of colors, their combinations of materials, their original wallpapers, their designs full of style… They want you to look at them and with the ‘look’ they will wear these months it will be impossible not to. Surrender to its charms and, before putting the ‘wall for a hat’, do the test on a cloth in the living room or children’s room. Better, be cautious.

10. Curly wooldecoration trends that will triumph this autumn-winter 2021-2022 season

Although its wake was felt at the beginning of the year, it now heads the forefront of the decorative scene. Without a doubt, this material is currently essential in cozy and warm interiors, with a ‘ cocooning ‘ soul. Soft to the touch, beyond blankets and cushions, it can also cover seats or a carpet. Although we like it in all colors, pure white has conquered us for its elegance.

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