Most Popular Interior Trends 2024-2025

In the spring and summer, many citizens are planning to make repairs in their homes. And for those who have just bought an apartment or a house under construction, the issue of interior decoration of the room is particularly relevant. The article will look at current ideas, fashionable colors and trends in the interior of 2024.

Interior design is popular in 2024 – 2025

Popular Trends in the Interior 2019-2020 The individual style of housing is the main highlight of the projects of leading world designers. Trends in the design of the house relevant in 2024–2025 should distinguish it from the mass of similar premises. The emphasis on the personality of the owner and his preferences is the main hit of the season.

Multifunctional and modular furniture

Construction companies began to offer buyers more often small-scale housing (from 17 to 25 square meters), but more affordable. Owners of small apartments, designers recommend to pay attention to the modular furniture: folding sofas and tables, built-in wardrobes.

The decor is selected and placed taking into account the preservation of free space. For example, a bed and a sofa are placed under the window, a kitchen suite is hidden in a niche, and folding chairs are hung on a special hook.

Wallpaper 2024—2025

Wall home decoration is the most popular way to design a room.

With well-chosen pattern, you can increase or decrease the space of rooms or zone the room.

Plain wallpaper

Popular Trends in the Interior 2019-2020 Each season, major manufacturers of building materials declare colors of the season. Opinions of designers are divided, consider the fashionable colors in the interior of 2024:

  1. blue-green (sea wave);
  2. pink and red (not only rich colors, but also powdery shades);
  3. terracotta (brown-red);
  4. yellow;
  5. violet.

The interior of 2024 should not be presented only in bright and intense colors, designers advise them to add decor in moderation. Popularity in 2024-2025 will use the accent wall, which sets the style of the whole room.

The output will be adding color to the molding (wall plate) or decorating the wallpaper in decorative frames. Light and natural shades out of fashion, and are still relevant, especially in small rooms where you need to visually expand the space. You need to choose the style that reflects the personality and its mood. Fashion is fleeting and therefore it is recommended to add only details of the “colors of the season” (paintings, sofa covers, curtains, etc.) that can be changed in accordance with the new trends.

Geometric pattern

Popular Trends in the Interior 2019-2020 Clear forms and lines in the interior help to visually expand or extend the walls in the room. Geometric wallpapers are combined with monotonous and make out housing in classic, retro and ethnic style.

Floral and floral ornament

Always fashionable and current print – floral. The ornament is used in most styles: classic, retro, Provence, vintage, chubby-chic, etc. The main thing is that everything should be in moderation, as a large floral ornament is suitable only for spacious rooms, and a small flower on the contrary, will increase the room.


In the past few years, eco-friendly furniture and natural building materials are in great demand. Small local workshops for the manufacture of furniture from natural raw materials are in demand in Russia.

Wooden windows, natural stone floors and fabric wallpaper – all these materials are durable, but you should not oversatur the premises either, because the line between pomposity and bad taste is too thin.


Designers believe that with properly selected lighting, you can expand the room and add comfort. Light, mirrors and metal elements in the furniture make the room more airy and spacious. The same interior looks very different only because of changes in light. Adding various filters and multicolored decorative lamps will help to change the atmosphere in the room or even ruin the most beautiful interior.

Interior design in 2024 – 2025

A single-type design in beige tones came out of fashion, the popular and “safe” style should not be boring and monochrome (monochrome). Details and individuality of repair will help to allocate housing from a variety of typical finishes.

In Russia, the interior is often oversaturated and looks “expensive – rich” because of the large amount of gold, marble and parts constricting the space. Actual and fashionable styles in 2024–2025 in the opinion of leading designers:

  • classical;
  • minimalism;
  • ethnic (Provence, Cuban, American, etc.);
  • high tech;
  • retro;
  • boho

When buying a small but private apartment with a non-standard layout, you need to study design projects and ideas for ergonomic organization of space. A small room, a free layout or an elongated shape of the room, can be transformed by choosing the right color, light and furniture.

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