10 Most Popular Color Of The Year 2021

1. Black or almostTop Color Of The Year 2021

From the most elegant ‘black’ to dark shades of other colors, such as gray or green, which show a sophistication with no openings or false lights, which is comfortable, yes, in a strong decoration, full of personality. This Homepolish project shows several compositions: the white-black of the walls and the absolute of the main pieces. The pink brush strokes of complements and lamps are a ‘très chic’ wink.

2. Everything gray: the neutral with more styleTop Color Of The Year 2021

It is, together with vanilla or guacamole, one of the tones that you will use as a base. You can use it to create combinations with other colors or for a ‘total look’. Of course, if you’re going to use it as neutral, choose it clearly. In this environment, show what is special, to be one of our favorites: it is beautiful, elegant, versatile… Here you saw both the walls and chairs of Carl Hansen & Son, creating a timeless and tremendously ‘chic’ set. It also has an extra advantage, as it feels equally comfortable in modern interiors, such as classic or Nordic.

3. Tranquil Dawn: the calm toneTop Color Of The Year 2021

Inspired by the morning sky, this green, fresh and soft, is a nod towards the increasingly agitated and digital modern society. “A new decade announces a new dawn and the pale tones of this Tranquil Dawn are relaxing and comforting, just when we need it most in our lives,” says Marianne Shillingford, creative director of Dulux.

4. Light blue and ink: sophisticated and wearableTop Color Of The Year 2021

And we do not speak of the blue of the sea, soft and relaxing, but of those ranges that awaken the senses and far from being cold, shelter our interiors, causing the ambient temperature to rise. In this stylish room two tones are combined: at the bottom of the wall, the ink, powerful and dark, says that it is the new black; and at the top, a teal wallpaper from the Scion Japandi collection, sophisticated and delicate.

5. The most naturalTop Color Of The Year 2021

Home Sweet Home. They are tones that speak of a house where time slows down and you find the relaxation and calm you need in your day to day. Although they may seem bland, the truth is that they have texture and visual strength. The Calma de Jotun collection speaks of the beauty of the simple, capable of creating timeless spaces in which to free the mind. The character emerges through subtle contrasts between the soft neutrals and the materials: wood, fibers and handicrafts provide all the warmth and honesty.

6. Blue: vitality injectionTop Color Of The Year 2021

If you still have not given up the tendency to paint the walls in intense colors, even in rooms of a few meters, and you are still faithful to the power of the white, you will need brushstrokes that help you get out of the monotony, break the minimalism and fill your house of vitality In this environment of Batavia, this breaking power is the sofa, the carpet and the ‘vintage’ heartthrob, each in a different blue, but complementary and exciting.

7. Full colorTop Color Of The Year 2021

But always in vibrant, bold and even acidic tones. A ‘look’ that needs the light to be able to show off and that in this environment of Little Greene shows us that it is not only capable of fitting into millennial decorations but can also be integrated into modern decorations, provided you play the trick of the complements. Here, the chromatic injection of the wall is balanced with the soft pink armchair, the neutral sofa…

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8. Soft and sugaryTop Color Of The Year 2021

We are not talking about the return of pastel colors  (which is a reality) but about the union of certain tones (pink, green, yellow…) in its sweetest and softest version. The result is a chromatic universe full of harmony and good energies, which is committed to the power of dialogue between colors rather than submitting to the dictatorship of a single hue. In this environment of Wallpepper, the company of wood and plants further enhances the visual sensation.

9. The land with more ‘charme’Top Color Of The Year 2021

Forget about its most natural version, ideal in rustic decorations, and see in it the best ally of the French ‘charme’. The toasts, like the one on Behr’s wall, the red ones, the oranges and mustards (two tones that are going to give talk) will be responsible for giving the most sophisticated note to your environments. Keep in mind that they are a good bet in living rooms and dining rooms, but also in bedrooms without space problems.

10. Green with characterTop Color Of The Year 2021

From the military to the olive, the green removes all its artillery, ready to take a place in the interior decoration (on the catwalks it has already been done). In favor it has its chameleonic capacity, which allows it to move freely between different color ranges and decorative styles, always providing a fresh touch to the plant or forest. Depending on how you combine it, it will look a sophisticated, current look, as in this proposal of Tollens, or hippie.

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