2021 Trends and Colors for Trendy Interior Designs

2021 Trends and Colors for Trendy Interior Designs Interior design 2021, on the one hand, develops the trends outlined in the previous year. And on the other, it offers new trends. In the upcoming season, a fashion for eclecticism and a stylistic mix will remain. Changes will affect the color palette, the choice of materials and textures, as well as finishing techniques. Loyal followers of the latest fashion trends should be prepared for unexpected experiments and tune in to the fact that absolutely everything is possible in 2021 interiors.

Interior 2021: the most popular styles2021 Trends and Colors for Trendy Interior Designs

Art Deco Trendsetter In 2021

Fans of elegant Art Deco style will enjoy a pleasant surprise: their favorite is still in fashion and occupies a leading position in the field of elite design. A harmonious duet with him is traditionally composed of modern, classic or neoclassical. The design of the floor and ceiling, as well as the walls, comes to the fore in the design. Unusual and catchy finish, juicy, rich colors and natural materials become necessary elements of an interior cocktail.

Design Of A Modern Apartment With Elements Of Lush Neoclassicism

With external style uniformity, the bedroom interior in the photo is much more eclectic than it might seem at first glance. Gilded pilasters and curtain rods, an elaborate headboard and classic-style furniture side by side with a bedside table in the spirit of minimalism, which, like the air conditioning under the ceiling, practically merges with a wall painted in a bluish-emerald tone. The interior of the guest bedroom is dominated by a rich emerald palette, which is nicely complemented by a beige bedspread and wooden parquet flooring, light in walnut, fashionable in the new season.

Memphis Style In Interiors 2021

The memphis style dominating the interior of this cafe itself implies the absence of a stylus core, a kind of game with the audience and, of course, involves bright accent tones. The decoration is dominated by a contrasting combination of various shades of green and pink. The green range ranges from dark bottle green and emerald to mint in upholstery. The contrasts are saturated pink and burgundy red Marsala. The walls of the original cafe are decorated with stucco simulating a concrete coating, and open pipes in the spirit of a loft are located under the ceiling.

Refined Modern: Always In Trend

Art Nouveau, inextricably linked with the concept of elite design, continues to be a trend in the interior of apartments and houses in 2021. The enduring fashion for Art Nouveau is not accidental: it easily “adapts” to the dominant style, bringing a unique charm to the interior. In the nursery decor in the photo, the influence of modernity is especially clearly felt in the ornamental motifs and furniture styles. The interior of the room is built on the original contrast of white and dark purple, which is ideal for decoration of both an adult and a children’s bedroom.

Eclectic Style Apartment Interior

The eclectic interior, which successfully combines elements of neoclassicism and art deco, looks modern and elegant. The disadvantages of a small area conceals a well-chosen light palette. The geometric pattern in the Art Deco style becomes the leitmotif of the interior, which is played differently in the decor and decoration of all rooms.

Loft With Memphis Elements In The Interior

If Art Deco and Art Nouveau are more suitable for interior decoration of an apartment, townhouse or house, the loft and memphis will look just as organically in the interiors of public spaces and turn a cafe or restaurant into a special art space, imbued with an urban spirit and full of artistic allusions.

The latest interior design trends 2021

Art Deco Geometric Ornament

The sophisticated and at the same time glamorous art deco in the coming season is firmly established in the position of a leading interior style, displacing Scandinavian and loft fashionable in 2018. One of the characteristic features of the updated trendsetter is a large geometric ornament on the wallpaper and its repetition in the decoration of furniture, lamps, curtains. In the interior of the photo, the original pattern, borrowed from a skyscraper in New York, is reproduced in the design of fancy gold leafed doors.

Floral Motifs On The Cafe Floor

The ornament may not necessarily be geometric and present not only in the decoration of walls or furniture. In the cafe, designed by the designers Ruslan and Maria Green, the entire floor is covered with a fanciful floral pattern in the spirit of medieval miniatures, made based on the British artist William Morris. A contrasting combination of plain walls and a ceiling and a motley floor with an original pattern creates an effect of surprise and emphasizes the originality of the design decision.

Fantasy Geometric Pattern

A kind of leitmotif in the interior of a small apartment, decorated in the eclectic style, is a spectacular art deco pattern. It adorns not only the mirrored ceiling in the living room and furniture facades, but also the doors, as well as the apron in the kitchen. Rounded, not sharp shapes and delicate pearl-lilac-turquoise colors give rise to an atmosphere of peace and quiet with a slight romantic touch.

Geometric Layout In The Design Of The Floor

A layout with a square or rectangular pattern is often used to design glass partitions with a contrasting color frame. In the interior of the cafe, this design technique is used to decorate the floor, laid out with rectangles of various shapes and colors with a delicate golden outline. The decoration contains the main colors of the interior with the addition of a blue accent tone.

Ceiling Trends2021 Trends and Colors for Trendy Interior Designs

Onyx In The Living Room Ceiling

In the interiors of 2021, the trend remains for the decoration of the ceiling, which from now on boasts no less luxurious and original finishes than walls or floors. It is not without reason that it is figuratively called the fifth wall: like all other surfaces, the ceiling can be decorated in different ways, decorated with an elegant bas-relief and even pasted with wallpaper contrasting to the main tone. Illuminated onyx looks particularly organically in expensive art deco interiors and harmonizes perfectly with the gold leaf covered wall in the TV zone.

Chic Art Nouveau Stained Glass

Stained glass inserts on the ceiling remain the prerogative of elegant styles such as Art Nouveau or Art Deco. However, the stained-glass window in the interior of the boudoir in the photo is amazing even among the usual Art Deco chic. A giant flower of a bizarre shape, shimmering in shades of blue and cyan, violet and pearly tones, becomes the semantic and compositional center of the interior, a prelude to the coloristic luxury of the bedroom.

Art Deco Sockets In The Bedroom Interior

In the interior of the bedroom in the photo, the ceiling is so richly decorated with rosettes of different sizes that carries no less visual burden than painting on a gold background or long lamps that go down with crystal threads almost to the floor. This interior is a logical development of the decorative motifs of the living room in the same apartment: its ceiling is also decorated with a large outlet in the Art Deco style, and the color scheme is dominated by blue and blue accents.

Natural materials and expensive fabrics2021 Trends and Colors for Trendy Interior Designs

Velvet In Decoration And Decoration

A kind of “portal” in the form of a velvet-studded wall of a rich turquoise color, smoothly turning into a banquet, becomes the prelude to the interior of a luxurious living room, which also uses blue-blue accents in its color scheme. Velvet-touch fabrics and carriage screed are among the most fashionable interior design trends in 2021, attracting with softness of sensations and catchy luxury.

Leather Upholstery In The Interior Of The Kitchen

Light colors and symmetrical organization of space give the interior of the kitchen, decorated in an Art Deco style, a restrained, elegant look. However, the outward simplicity hides painstaking design work with expensive, luxurious materials. The central part of the kitchen island, covered with gold leaf, frames the insert from the illuminated onyx in the hood zone. The chairs are trimmed with genuine crocodile leather and the floor is lined with expensive Italian white Calacatta marble with black veins.

Natural Stone And Rough Wood

The use of elements such as natural stone, or masonry stylization may be characteristic not only of an urban loft. In 2021, natural materials, simple forms, and a rough surface to the touch continue to be popular in interior design of apartments and houses, as well as public spaces. A lamp stand in the form of a solid wooden slice or an unprocessed stump looks organically in the interior of a room decorated with wood, although it can equally well be imagined surrounded by cold Art Deco luxury.

Fashionable colors in the interior of 20212021 Trends and Colors for Trendy Interior Designs

Color Saturation: Juicy Shades

Among the latest trends that will come into fashion in 2021, it is worth noting a combination of rich blue, cyan or purple with black and white or white and gold tones. The first option will give your interior an elegant restraint, while the abundance of golden tones and gold in the decoration will bring glamorous luxury to the image. In the interior of an apartment in Novogorsk, decorated in an Art Deco style with modern elements, the duo of white and gold becomes the main coloristic dominant, against which bright color contrasts flash.

Changes In The Pink Palette: The Inclusion Of Complex Shades

Pink, popular last season, retains a leading position, but is enriched by the inclusion of complex shades. Especially piquant pink tones look in combination with contrasting green, forcing to replay the defiant red-pink palette. By the way, a delicate mint shade is included in the top of the most fashionable “neutral” interiors of 2021.

Bright Blue

The combination of piercing blue with an exquisite white-gold classic pair creates an aristocratic image for which one of the “elegant” styles is perfect: such as, for example, art deco, modern, classic or neoclassic. The originally decorated entrance hall of the apartment in the photo looks like a kind of portal leading to a spacious bright living room in the Art Deco style. The bright blue of the velvety fabric echoes the blue-blue shades of the sofa cushions and emphasizes the feeling of harmonious stylistic unity.

Marsala And Raspberry Accents

A fashionable Marsal shade, fanned with a halo of glory of the same wine variety, looks good in a muffled golden brown interior, especially in combination with a rich raspberry accent. Comfortable soft armchairs in Memphis style, colored rectangular inserts on the floor and fancy exotic plants repeat the main tones of the restaurant’s interior in the photo.

Juicy Turquoise

In the interiors of 2021, the fashionable turquoise-white pair gives way to more complex and rich combinations. Turquoise emerald and dark emerald shades of green are gaining popularity. And a rich, beige-brown with golden splashes palette brings variety to the classical duet. In 2021 interiors, designers focus on color diversity, an abundance of shades and unexpected contrasting combinations on a white or black and white background.

Rich Purple

The interior of the children’s bedroom in the photo resembles the interior of the living room in white colors with bright blue accents and a quilted blue “portal”. The color solution is simple and elegant: all colors are very bright, piercing, clear, without halftones. Classical forms of furniture and art nouveau ornament are in harmony with the common style dominant of the interior.

Juicy Blue With Gold

The blue color in all the variety of its shades becomes one of the favorites of design 2021, penetrating into all rooms – from the living room to the bathroom. Ultramarine blue, which dominates the interior in the photo, is so piercing that it does not need additional shades and midtones. The matte gold mural background, on the contrary, has a peaceful effect and brings pleasant warm contrasts to the interior of a luxurious bedroom.

Rich Blue Palette

The interior of the bathroom is a single meaningful whole with a bedroom in blue and gold colors. Shades of blue and blue blend beautifully with white and gray palettes, and brass fittings create a good warm contrast with a dark blue dominant tone. To ensure that the rich blue in the interior does not narrow the space, designers use mirrors in abundance in the decoration of the bathroom, creating a feeling of an endless enfilade that goes into the distance.

Black And White Interior With A Golden Accent

The design of the bathroom in classic black and white with gold or copper notes can also be attributed to the latest design trends. In the decoration of the interior in the photo used expensive natural marble and gilding covering the wall with floral ornaments in the spirit of Art Nouveau. The style of fittings perfectly matches the seasoned and refined interior of the bathroom.

The main trends in the interiors of apartments 20212021 Trends and Colors for Trendy Interior Designs

Carpet In The Living Room Interior

The carpet remains an integral element of the 2021 interior. The trend also includes a combination of carpets with different textures and in different styles in the interior of one room. The carpet on the floor of the room in the photo brings a pleasant colorful accents to the interior, decorated in white and gold colors. Due to the abundance of bright color spots in the lower plane of the room, there is a feeling of additional spaciousness in the upper part: a laconic finish and a light tone of the walls contribute to a visual increase in space.

Spectacular Decorative Layout

The roll call of the floor ornament with the pattern of decoration or decorative layout in the design of the wall “works” on the formation of a harmonious interior ensemble. For an interior in the style of luxurious Art Deco, a strict geometric ornament is the best fit: firstly, it always remains in trend regardless of the latest fashion trends. And secondly, it helps to find a balance between the excessive simplicity of the lines and the lush luxury of the finish.

Masonry Fashion

Imitation of masonry in interior decoration is increasingly popular, especially when it comes to living room design. The masonry looks no less impressive in the decoration of the fireplace portal. The combination of bleached walls, stone and light shades of wood is good for decorating a country house. The abundance of art deco elements creates an unusual contrast between luxury and imitation of rough natural textures.

Modern Trends In The Bedroom Interior

The design of the bedroom has its own specifics, because this is a room in which there is a minimum of furniture. The main place is occupied by a spacious bed with a bedside table or bedside table. In order for the bedroom to not appear empty, the decoration of large surfaces – primarily walls and ceilings – must be carefully thought out. The interior of the bedroom in the photo looks artistically saturated due to the almost complete absence of smooth surfaces.

Phytopanno And Phytoboxes In Interiors

Phytoboxes or phytopanno are very popular not only in the decoration of public premises, but also in the design of private apartments and houses. An interesting option is to adapt phytopanno, traditionally bright green, to the color of the room. In this case, the dried roses behind the glass are in harmony with the purple-pink accents in the interior of the bedroom, decorated in an Art Deco style.

Kitchen Interior 2021: Fashion Trends

In the design of the kitchen, the emphasis is on sophistication of style and unusual decor. However, this does not mean that functionality and ergonomics play a secondary role. The optimal planning solution found by designers allows not only to use a small area with maximum benefit, but also to emphasize unusual decor elements in the interior of the kitchen.

Light Tones In The Kitchen: Design Trends 2021

White color in the interior is quite demanding: it does not have a rich palette of shades and needs additional “elements” in order not to look fresh. The built-in kitchen in the photo looks very elegant thanks to the pronounced moldings, mirror inserts in the doors with a diamond-shaped grille and a noble design of a marble apron. It not only does not “dilute” the stylistic richness of the interior, but, on the contrary, makes it even more elegant.

Fashionable Bathroom Interior: Design In Blue Tones

In the new season, the fashion for blue is expected not only in the design of the main premises: the blue-blue palette is perfect for decorating both the living room or kitchen, and the bathroom. In combination with white, blue shades look unusually noble, and plumbing and accessories in brass or gold color will add warm notes to the interior of the bathroom. The mirror door in the design of the bathroom in the photo creates the illusion of an endless enfilade that goes deep into the interior. A light fleur of mystery underlines the fancy pattern of the walls.

Interior Elements In A Classic Style

It is difficult to imagine something more unusual¸ than the exquisite classical curtains and pilasters in the bathroom. The bizarre interior ensemble, which designers Ruslan and Maria Green manage to create in the bathroom, develops a general concept of luxurious style and at the same time brings elements of magic. The walls of the bathroom are decorated with fantasy paintings with floral motifs. A rich blue and blue palette gives the interior a touch of fabulousness. The shower area is decorated with darker tiles with a fine pattern and golden splashes that make the wall look like a starry sky.

Marsalov Accent In The Interior With Elements Of A Loft

Concrete decoration is one of the main trends of the 2021 season, which goes beyond the design side of charismatic loft-style cafes and extends to the interiors of private apartments and houses. Perhaps styling a concrete wall does not seem to everyone a suitable solution for the bathroom. However, surprisingly, industrial styling is gradually covering an increasingly wide area of ??application and so far occupies a strong position in the top of popular design solutions.

Modern Bathroom Design Trends 2021

The large bowl-bathtub, which came into fashion last season, remains in trend and is now made not only from ceramics, but also from marble or even natural stone, acquiring the charismatic brutality characteristic of a loft. The white ceramic bowl, on the contrary, fits into the sophisticated style of the interiors in the style of Art Deco, Art Nouveau, classic or neoclassic.

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