New Living Room Furniture Designs 2022

New Living Room Furniture Designs 2022 The right furniture for the living room creates the right atmosphere in the room. The living room is the main room of the house that requires special attention.

Households gather here in the evenings, wanting to spend time with each other. Comfort can be made with sofas, armchairs, sofas, and other types of furniture that are suitable for the design.

Beautiful furniture in the living room: new design 2022

Today, many solutions are known for the design of living rooms. And if earlier, for example, there were problems when installing a huge sofa in a small room, now new models save space.

Modular furnitureNew Living Room Furniture Designs 2022

Modular furniture is a model consisting of several elements (sofa, armchairs, poufs) that can be used both together and separately. This solution is suitable for both large and small living rooms.

To increase functionality, modular sofas are often produced with armrests or shelves. They are comfortable and space-saving.

The advantage of modular models is that you can quickly form a sleeping place from them. This is achieved due to the mechanisms built into the design, systems that contribute to transformation.

HullNew Living Room Furniture Designs 2022

Cabinet furniture is made of different lengths and heights. Its difference from other types is functionality and availability of a storage system. Often this furniture option is preferred for arranging the hall.

SoftNew Living Room Furniture Designs 2022

The group of such models is represented by the following elements:

  • Standard sofas. They are straight, angular. Such models are used if the size of the living room is small. The owners of the premises can choose a model of any shape, color or height.
  • Sofa bed. These models are equipped with mechanisms, thanks to which you can make sleeping places from the seats.
  • Sofas. Stool with nicely upholstered fabric with low armrests.

Also included here are ottomans – soft small chairs without a frame.

Rules for choosing a headset in the living room

The hall is a visiting card of a house or apartment, so the selection of furniture must be approached responsibly. The following are factors that are recommended to pay attention to.

StylesNew Living Room Furniture Designs 2022

First, you need to decide how the future headset should look like. To do this, you need to select a style. It can either coincide with the design of the room or differ.

Modern solutions:

  • Minimalism. Furniture made in this style looks light and comfortable. Designers recommend using smooth lines or standard geometric shapes – square, circle, triangle.
  • High tech. This style is used only in spacious rooms. It is somewhat reminiscent of minimalism, but it uses more elements and details. Feature – a functional sofa with a table. Also, when decorating in such living rooms, a modular headset also looks stylish.
  • Modern. This style is characterized by sophistication, rounded, smoothed corners. Choosing living room furniture in this direction means paying attention to strong, durable models.

The styles presented are considered trendy. But there are other options for stylistic solutions. Therefore, you should not limit yourself to three areas.

To determine the style, it is best to seek the help of an experienced designer. He will advise on the type of headset that will fit into the room, emphasize the desired atmosphere.

ColorsNew Living Room Furniture Designs 2022

The right color sets the mood, and is also able to visually increase or decrease the space.

Designers often use light colors in small rooms. Also, if you observe the same color scheme in decoration and headset, you will be able to create a single space.

In large living rooms, you can use any shades, apply dark tones. If you want to achieve an atmosphere of comfort, it is better to give preference to warm colors, which include:

  • Orange;
  • pink;
  • peach.

Finally, if the hall is considered as a relaxation room, then it is better to use cold tones. For example, light blue, gray, light salad will look great. However, do not make the room too colorful.

MaterialsNew Living Room Furniture Designs 2022

The material from which the furniture is made is considered to be the last one to pay attention to when choosing sofas, armchairs, etc. Today, manufacturers provide a wide selection of furniture. For example, you can choose a model made of wood for a classic interior, and a model made of MDF or PVC for a modern one.

In order not to be mistaken, it is worth considering a couple of points:

  1. Reliability. It is important that the headset will last long and efficiently.
  2. Functionality. Thanks to practicality, it is possible not only to rationally use the furniture for the hall, but also to save space.
  3. Compliance. The material from which the furniture is made must be of high quality.

How to select furniture for a small living room?New Living Room Furniture Designs 2022

The small size of the hall is becoming a problem for many owners of houses or apartments. After all, it can be difficult to find a headset with which you can save space.

When choosing furniture for a small living room, there are several nuances to consider:

  1. Refusal from small sofas. It is not necessary to purchase a small structure. Designers advise purchasing corner or sectional furniture with light colors.
  2. Organization of storage. One of the problems of small living rooms is the lack of free space. This can be solved by installing functional furniture in the hall – a sofa with built-in drawers, poufs with a reclining top and free space inside.
  3. The use of transparent elements. With their help, it will be possible to create the illusion of free space.
  4. Refusal from sofas with armrests. Such models are suitable for spacious rooms.

Designer living room furniture without armrests looks lighter.

  1. Using a low headset. This solution will also visually increase the space.
  2. Application of open shelves. This includes shelving. Dense cabinets with doors clutter up the room, visually pushing the walls forward.
  3. Using mirrors. Such surfaces expand the space.

A small hall is not a sentence. Before coming to the final version of the furniture arrangement, it is recommended to consider at least 3 solutions. Comparison will help you make your choice.

Photos of stylish and designer living roomsNew Living Room Furniture Designs 2022

To decide on the choice of furniture for the hall, it is worth considering the projects of stylish living rooms. The photographs show solutions for the design of interiors, showing the options for arranging the headset for the halls.

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