2023 Decor Trends & Styles: The Complete Guide

2023 Decor Trends & Styles: The Complete Guide Decor trends and styles for 2023

2023 decor trends and styles run in longer or shorter cycles, with some decorating styles appearing for one year and then disappearing the next year or staying on trend for some time. What is certain is that one day yesterday’s decorating styles will again become a must-have tomorrow. If you lack inspiration for decorating your interior, our decorating tips will help you: design, colors, atmosphere in the interior… Find the 2023 interior decor trends that suit you!

What are the trendy colors for your home?

Colors add character to the rooms in your home. They vary with decorative trends, going from a light and soft shade to a darker or neutral shade. However, remember that your color choice should also be what you are looking for. While the color charts are constantly expanding, a few color trends stand out.

This is especially true this year when colors are part of decor trends such as light and pastel colors, colors that evoke the Scandinavian universe, natural tones, vibrant colors and green, all with their own nuances.

Colors help create the desired atmosphere in a room, sometimes warm and cozy, relaxing or energizing. They also allow you to visually enlarge the space or, conversely, make it more intimate through the use of keys or flat colors.

Simple and effective: white or pastel colors2023 Decor Trends & Styles: The Complete Guide

The need for calmness and softness pushes us to choose white or pastel colors, which help to create a cozy, calm and serene atmosphere in the house. The advantage of white is that it can be easily combined with other colors or patterns present in the room, highlighting them. An effective and risk-free decorating trend!

Scandinavian colors intensify2023 Decor Trends & Styles: The Complete Guide

If Scandinavian-style finishes remain in trend, then Scandinavian colors are destined to become thicker, deeper. While white remains in abundance, grey, beige, blue or green go darker for decor style and a more cordial setting. You can also pair these cool colors with brighter colors like yellow or pastel pink.

Natural and raw shades to recharge your batteries2023 Decor Trends & Styles: The Complete Guide

There is a craze for natural materials and colors that promote relaxation, a return to basics. This decorative trend is directly inspired by raw materials such as light wood, slate, sandstone… We are dealing with colors that are close to natural, neutral and natural tones that have not been recycled.

Intensity of bright colors2023 Decor Trends & Styles: The Complete Guide

Intense colors associated with soft color blended with thoughtful design make a comeback and bring joy and vibrancy. Curry yellow, aquamarine blue, emerald green… Saturated colors can work just as well as dashes and in addition to a softer or other bright color.

Hurry up to be green!2023 Decor Trends & Styles: The Complete Guide

The soothing and refreshing color green is becoming more and more important in our interiors. Available in all shades: khaki, pine, mint green, water green… this shade will give personality to certain rooms in your home, such as the entryway, kitchen or bedroom.

Blue enters a new era2023 Decor Trends & Styles: The Complete Guide

The very popular blue color evolves towards more natural shades with more character: mineral blue and dark blue become indispensable. Depending on the intensity of the chosen blue, it can be combined in different ways: with mineral gray or earthy brown for mineral blue, with beige or yellow for dark blue.

Each design style has its own furniture

This new year, the trend is the combination of elegance and character of furniture. Depending on the colors chosen for the floor and walls, it is advisable to decorate and complement your interior with appropriate furniture: chairs of different styles, a sofa that looks like you… The most important thing is to beat them. contrasts, avoiding “tone on tone” at all costs.

Combine mismatched chairs2023 Decor Trends & Styles: The Complete Guide

To personalize your dining room, choose an unusual style by placing different chairs around the table. Backrest, seat, curves… Totally change styles! This combination of genres will allow you to fill the room with energy.

Choose the sofa that suits you2023 Decor Trends & Styles: The Complete Guide

The choice of a sofa is one of the most difficult in interior design, as it involves the study of many characteristics: length, color, shape, etc. From a simple sofa to a sofa with removable corners, from leather to velvet, an indispensable element of the living room. Would you rather give your current sofa a makeover than buy a new one? Replace the legs with casters or add wooden legs if they don’t already exist. Change the finish (color and material) to create a new look in your living room. Arrange pillows of different sizes and colors.

Refined style shelf2023 Decor Trends & Styles: The Complete Guide

A shelf is an integral piece of furniture, regardless of the design style. We prefer a light, uncluttered structure to blend in with the atmosphere of the room. Choose thin walls and shelves to maximize this effect. Thus, the items placed on this shelf will acquire full significance. Whether it’s colorful, metallic, made from raw wood, or even a leather strap, feel free to vary the styles.

Popular design styles

If everyone has their own taste in terms of design, then some design styles are found in our interiors more often than others.

Cocoon atmosphere inherited from the Scandinavian countries2023 Decor Trends & Styles: The Complete Guide

With the approach of autumn and winter, I want to turn the living room into a cozy nest. To do this, we prefer shades of white, pale blue and beige, which we associate with more pronounced colors. Create a warm atmosphere by multiplying the lighting of different styles and intensities (lamps, lampposts, candles, LED strings…). Finally, choose wood furniture, perhaps combined with metal, and add a thick carpet to the parquet floor, cushions and bedspreads to the armchairs and sofa, and blackout curtains to the windows.

Return of rustic and raw2023 Decor Trends & Styles: The Complete Guide

Do you want to update your bathroom in a decorative style that combines tradition and modernity? You just need to blend the texture of the woodwork of your sink and mirrors with the modernity of a lacquered white washbasin. This structures the space without weighing it down and gives the room character.

Bohemian and oriental spirit2023 Decor Trends & Styles: The Complete Guide

The oriental style of the 1960s and 1970s is back in vogue for interior design. Choose warm colors (orange, purple…) mixed with a little green or turquoise for a Moroccan vibe, or shades of blue and white for a Tunisian vibe. Choose low-rise furniture: a low sideboard, a bench, folding tables… Put a large oriental rug on the floor, large pillows, and scatter lanterns, vases… Complete the decor with a beautiful pendant lamp to create a sifted atmosphere.

Modernity takes on large volumes2023 Decor Trends & Styles: The Complete Guide

If your living rooms are large enough, you might want to try modern style decor. Indeed, this style of decoration is clean, aesthetic and minimalistic, while remaining functional. Therefore, we favor multifunctional furniture and decorative objects made from natural or original materials: earth, metals, transparent materials such as glass or plexiglass, waxed concrete, honeycomb foam… And, contrary to some conventional wisdom, the colors associated with modern style are not limited.. to black and white! For your walls, you can choose beige, anthracite, or a more intense color like blue, pink, or even yellow if you so desire!

Decor trends: Items to add the finishing touch to your décor

If furniture, walls, and flooring help create a room’s decorative style, don’t neglect items that bring out the decorative vibe of every room in your home.

Desk lamp2023 Decor Trends & Styles: The Complete Guide

Whether you want to install it in a hallway, on a nightstand next to a sofa or on a desk, the lamp adapts to all styles. Choose an all-metal lamp with a large bulb to contrast with the material of the furniture. Make it a stand-alone decorative object on your furniture without overloading its contours.

Storage boxes2023 Decor Trends & Styles: The Complete Guide

Whether it’s cozy or industrial style, wooden crates will fit perfectly into your interior. Stacked on top of each other to create storage or laid out next to each other on the floor, they will add a rustic touch to your interior.

Mirror2023 Decor Trends & Styles: The Complete Guide

In the bedroom, in the living room or in the bathroom, the mirror is the centerpiece. This will enlarge the room due to the effect of depth. Contours in wood or aluminium, rounded or rectangular, mirrored shapes and sizes are very varied to suit all styles.

Pendants2023 Decor Trends & Styles: The Complete Guide

A pendant lamp that can be placed in all your rooms is a trendy touch that will complement your decor. Above the kitchen island or dining table, in the bathroom or in the hallway, pendant lights of various types will add sophistication to the room. Rattan, industrial light bulbs, or a metal fixture, as many styles as you can consider.

Shabby chic in the interior of 2023

Shabby chic in 2023 is a fantastic combination of sophisticated vintage aesthetics and rustic charm. Antique finds, imperfect finishes, sparkling chandeliers, lace details and lots of white are indispensable attributes of style. But the illusory negligence of the interior in this concept is the result of a design thought out to the smallest detail. In 2023, shabby chic inspires designers around the world to experiment and bolder combinations. What trends can you expect from the style in the coming year?

Enrich your color palette with charm2023 Decor Trends & Styles: The Complete Guide

The idea of ​​total white is not necessary at all. You can recreate the atmosphere of style with an unusual palette, using richer accents in accessories, furniture and colors. Choose natural, but slightly muted shades of green, yellow, brown, blue. The following combinations will also be relevant

  • White with dusty gray, light blue, light green, mint green, pale pink ;
  • Dark accents with muted creams, whites and grays;
  • Accent black, yellow, pink details and accessories on a white background;
  • Blue and green decor in a white room.

Industrial elements and fine details2023 Decor Trends & Styles: The Complete Guide

The abundance of “gentle” decor, pastel colors and floral motifs can turn a shabby chic interior into a juicy “doll’s house”. To prevent such an oversight, designers advise using industrial elements: a brutal dining table, a frame with metal parts, and other similar accents. Even some modern items in the form of lamps with copper lampshades will be quite appropriate.

Openwork for details2023 Decor Trends & Styles: The Complete Guide

The character of the style is also shown in the lace details. But it is not at all necessary to turn your room into a “kingdom of openwork”, covering all surfaces with lace textiles. A few highlights are enough. To emphasize the flavor of shabby chic, add lace to simple things. Thin lace can decorate the ends of shelves or lampshades, bed linen or cushions with a neat lace trim, which will also look beautiful.

Combine lace with textiles of various textures, whether it is rough upholstery, velvet on decorative pillows or a knitted blanket.

Beyond the blooming borders2023 Decor Trends & Styles: The Complete Guide

As a rule, gentle, pastel colors and floral motifs prevail in the shabby style. Luxurious murals on the facades, cute prints on the upholstery, attractive floral patterns on the curtains create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort, add romance. Of course, all this has a place to be, but designers recommend not being limited to strict rules and looking at more modern geometric shapes and clear lines. Stripes, checks, and other geometric patterns work well with floral motifs. The main thing is that all the details and accents look harmonious, creating a single thematic plot.

Vintage items for a shabby chic effect2023 Decor Trends & Styles: The Complete Guide

Old items are not required to fulfill their direct function. So, wooden boxes can serve as colorful coffee tables in the living room, old doors can serve as a unique headboard, and an inconspicuous garden bucket can successfully play the role of flower pots. Consider a few ideas on how else you can stylishly decorate the interior:

Use “man-made”. Decorate objects (for example, a jewelry box, chest of drawers, bedside table) with decoupage or craquelure appliqués. Go over wooden furniture with a hard wire brush, add a touch of patina to make it look artificially aged, or replace drawer handles with exclusive antiques.

Mix new and old things. Do not rush to throw away cute trinkets from a flea market or a sideboard inherited from your great-grandmother. Ideally, such things are combined with an imitation of luxurious vintage – artificially aged items that are sold in specialized stores.

Change the “clothes” of old furniture. It is not at all necessary to buy new upholstered furniture that would fit perfectly into the atmosphere of style. Find removable covers that are characteristic of the shabby chic style.

Transparency for better style reflection2023 Decor Trends & Styles: The Complete Guide

Add lightness and charm to the space using transparent decor items. Here are some ideas for inspiration:

  • Original crockery in pastel colors;
  • Crystal flower vases;
  • Beautiful collection of food storage jars;
  • Transparent lampshades.

Shabby chic in the interior 2023: photo2023 Decor Trends & Styles: The Complete Guide

Shabby chic in the interior is quite demanding on details. This style teaches us to find aesthetics in things that are imperfect – already lived, old, dilapidated. The latest design trends allow you to break traditions and rules, combining this style with other similar trends, fantasizing with bright accents, decor and showing your skills in the field of hand-made.

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