10 Interior Design Trends That Will Revolutionize 2022

Interior Design Trends That Will Revolutionize 2022 We spoke with the experts from interior designer about the most outstanding interior design trends for 2022 that will revolutionize the world.

In a context of confinement in which houses have become so important, we talked with experts from interior designer about the most outstanding interior design trends for 2022, which will mark a before and after in the world of design.

Undoubtedly, 2021 transformed our daily life and the way we inhabit our houses, which went from being the roof where we sleep, to the space where we work, live with the family, exercise, and even the place where we connect with ourselves. themselves. So today more than ever, we see the need to configure a balanced and harmonious space where we can feel good.

To enhance the beauty of your home and make it feel more welcoming, we share tips from experts:

“Natural” is back in fashionInterior Design Trends That Will Revolutionize 2022

By 2022, there is a greater interest in everything that lives, emphasizing the connection between human beings and nature.

We observe a trend that is based on the return to the origin, predominating the net environments.

Natural, recyclable and organic materials, such as brick plaster, very natural wood, stone, daylight and plant life, are the favorites of this season, as they remind us of the exterior, so longed for at this time.

It will seek to have the minimum ecological impact on the materials used, so that light woods that stand out for their variety of tones, and the contrast in their veins, providing a natural and rustic appearance to spaces, will be a trend this season, you will use not only for floors, but also to cover walls and ceilings.

Mixing is todayInterior Design Trends That Will Revolutionize 2022

The time when all the floors, walls and ornaments had a single finish is history, today is combining styles and daring to incorporate different colors, textures and materials.

The mixture is enriching! On the one hand, this season we will see a very marked tendency to incorporate soft, natural and tactile materials into spaces and combine them with neutral, warm tones, and some strokes of color in arid and earthy palettes, which will be accompanied by woody textures in those that we can appreciate the naturalness of the material, in medium tones such as oak or hickory.

We will see the floors in smooth textures or in finishes with little contrasting texture and the walls become fun wood cladding in different shades that break the homogeneity of the smooth surfaces. Neutral shades won’t go out of style, but it’s good to learn to take a chance.

Marbles and natural stonesInterior Design Trends That Will Revolutionize 2022

Large-format wall tiles are a must for 2022. With the new technologies and innovations of recent years, it has been possible to transfer the beauty of natural stone to materials that facilitate installation on walls, floors, furniture and cladding, creating elegant and tasteful spaces.

Among the favorite materials are inked woods, marbles, terraces, highly veined granites and grained textures that add tactility to flat surfaces, in combination with risky colors in floors, walls and ceilings.

We will see a lot of marble and similar finishes in wall panels, dining tables, details in bathrooms and other spaces in the house, designed with materials in which the homogeneity of its dark background can be appreciated, with its characteristic white veins, providing elegance, sobriety and a touch of mystery to the spaces.

The 70s are backInterior Design Trends That Will Revolutionize 2022

Chrome accessories, shiny finishes, the use of dark woods with contrasting veins, brown colors such as petrol blue with pastel tones and mainly the use of metallic finishes in shades of copper to gold that is reflected in finishes, frames, moldings, handles and in very specific details within the space, they are proof that the 70s are back to stay.

Small details that transport us to that golden age of design that are presented both in pieces of furniture and in lamps and coatings, where we see natural-looking woods, fresh woods, in light colors and harder tropical woods such as: Huanacaxtle, Jabin ebony, Tzalam parota Machinche, Bocote. It should be noted that the cutting plays a very important role, as well as the variation in tones that go from very light to reddish and dark tones in the same vein.

Black is the new blackInterior Design Trends That Will Revolutionize 2022

For interior trends 2022, another of the star trends will be towards the Classic reinvented, with an irreverent touch. In this trend we will observe lines and classic elements contrasted with strong combinations of textures. Semi-monochromatic spaces predominate in which neutrals, grays, blacks and greige prevail and a high degree of contrast between surfaces with very heterogeneous textures.

Bold designs and compositions are expected that use very dark and deep tones, both for furniture, as for walls and coverings, where inked woods predominate, with designs that provide a resurgence of retro glamor and a new vision of modern luxury, as well as marbles, highly veined granites and grainy textures that add tactility to flat surfaces.

Artistic and eclecticInterior Design Trends That Will Revolutionize 2022

Inspired by Camden, one of the most representative neighborhoods in London, this style is characterized by the mix of textures, colors and neutral elements that allow iconic elements to stand out in the furniture and / or the art that is integrated into the space. A touch of the 70s and 80s and its stridency completes the bet on this eclectic proposal with a marked vintage character.

New industrialInterior Design Trends That Will Revolutionize 2022

Pobleneu, is the Barcelona neighborhood that inspires this trend, which combines the best of the Spanish industrial revolution with the modern warmth of the typical lofts. The base is made up of gray, but this time, closer to the color of cement. In this trend, the details are even more important, since adding handmade elements, a diversity of textures mainly fabrics or fibers as well as vegetation that give it the right touch that prevents it from becoming a boring or monochrome space without soul.

Port characterInterior Design Trends That Will Revolutionize 2022

This trend is inspired by Seaport, a neighborhood in southeastern Manhattan. The base of this style will be made up of a great combination of woods, contrasted with blue and ocher colors. Exposed brick walls, minimalist furniture, mirrors and elements worn by time complete this trend. Metal elements or gray colors will create the visual balance necessary to avoid saturation.

New YorkerInterior Design Trends That Will Revolutionize 2022

This style is perfect for new homes, where white walls predominate and serve as a canvas to create. Inspired by Nolita, a Manhattan neighborhood that blends aspects of Little Italy’s Italian tradition with SoHo hipster flair. In this New York trend, light and neutral colors predominate, where lighting will be a crucial factor to give it a touch of originality. The light bathrooms, shiny woods, metallic details and a combination of porous textures such as natural stone will be the main protagonists.

Old styleInterior Design Trends That Will Revolutionize 2022

In this style, the elegance of wood and the worn tones typical of the industrial style, such as bricks and oxidized materials, are mixed. Inspired by the Corktown neighborhood in Detroit, this old style allows you to create modern and sober environments. The metallic tones will be a great complement to the base materials, as well as green tones that can arise with the decoration with plants.

Whatever your taste, remember that the important thing in interior design is that it adapts to your lifestyle and that it reflects your personality, especially in a context in which our house has become so elementary in our life and in which we prioritize the versatility and flexibility of the spaces.

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