Beautiful Bathroom Design Trends 2021

Beautiful Bathroom Design Trends 2021 Bathroom design trends 2021, regardless of its area and shape, gravitates to concise and balanced design decisions. Beautiful, functional, well-thought-out design is simply obliged to captivate and delight. Indeed, it is from this room that our day begins and ends, it is here that we care about our beauty, forget about unresolved problems, we get a certain feeling of joy and pleasure. Therefore, it is very important to equip a harmonious and functional space of the bathroom, taking into account not only modern trends in design, but also your own preferences.

Bathroom Interior Color Trends 2021

Proper color design of the space creates a visual perception of its expansion, or vice versa, reduction. Shades of walls, interspersed with color spots create a certain psychological attitude, directly affect our emotional state and emotional comfort.

There are several dominant colors and their combinations, which experts recommend adhering to when designing a bathroom.

WhiteBeautiful Bathroom Design Trends 2021

Everyone knows that achromatic white is a win-win option in small spaces. It enhances the perception of airiness and an increase in the amount of lighting, solved with the help of ceiling lights and LED lighting, highlighting individual design elements.

Choosing white color as the dominant for all surfaces of the bathroom, it is necessary to provide bright color spots in the design of accessories. This will avoid the negative impact of a uniform space, which does not affect the human energy in the best way.

PurpleBeautiful Bathroom Design Trends 2021

Extravagant and energetic, very powerful and influential purple color for the bathroom is chosen by people who are leaders in their internal sensations. Therefore, it is important to analyze how comfortable all family members will feel in the renewed space.

The first thing to do when proceeding with the design of the interior in the bathroom is to correctly calculate the saturation of the shades. It is not recommended to add a lot of dark color to a limited volume. It is advisable to dwell on the noble lilac tone that promotes relaxation, finding peace of mind.

To give dynamics, you can alternate wall tiles with varying degrees of saturation of the purple tone. At the same time, it is taken into account that this gamma requires the addition of another less active color. The most harmonious is the white tone. It is combined with violet gray, green, golden color.

Black and whiteBeautiful Bathroom Design Trends 2021

The combination of two achromatic colors, black and white, is a classic and virtually a win-win option in bathrooms with a relatively large area.

Usually, the floor and some elements of furniture and accessories are decorated in black. This avoids some heaviness. The white solution of the upper surfaces and walls gives the room more light and visually increases its volume, so you should not skimp on its presence in the interior.

You can pick up interesting graceful black interlacing patterns on a white background tile. The speakers add a varied combination of these colors on the floor. Enhances the overall impression, emphasizes the noble depth of achromatic tones active red in small quantities.

There is a stereotype that paintings have no place in bathrooms. However, it is not. Following certain rules, such decor can be an excellent decoration of the interior.

BrownBeautiful Bathroom Design Trends 2021

A solid brown color for the interior of the bathroom is chosen by calm and confident people. With the proper selection of contrast, it is possible to create a cozy, luxurious environment where cleanliness and order reign.

With small volumes of the bathroom, it is not recommended to perform all surfaces in brown. The notes of respectability will only increase if you add elements of white universal color.

GreenBeautiful Bathroom Design Trends 2021

The positive color of freshness, which is green, is associated with nature in spring. It simultaneously calms and fills with energy, creates an atmosphere of calm and gives a sense of peace.

Forming the future design in these shades, you are guaranteed to get an author’s and truly interesting bathroom interior.

For small rooms, experts do not recommend using too juicy shades. A light palette that harmonizes the space, makes it balanced and welcoming, is best suited. As additional color nuances, you can take almost any shade, but in small quantities. Successfully enhance the tonic energy of green: orange, white, yellow and beige accessories.

BlueBeautiful Bathroom Design Trends 2021

Relaxing blue has always been one of the most popular bathroom designs. It is not distinguished by expression, therefore, sometimes it requires the addition of a contrasting texture. It can be a framing border, vertical or horizontal, a small fragment on the surface – floral, geometric, etc.

If you are an introverted and irritable person by nature, you should not choose dark varieties of blue for yourself, choose a more relaxed option. The ceiling can be done in white, which will level out some sad note inherent in a large amount of blue.

As for the flooring, it is best to give your preference to the tiles made in bright colors. The choice of tiles should be approached with due attention, since a lot will depend on its quality.

Bathroom Style Trends 2021

You can give even a modest miniature bathroom a sense of sophistication and prestige when deciding its space in a certain style direction.


Provence towards nature, the Provence style presupposes the presence of light walls, a white ceiling, made under the wood floor. Wall shelves, bedside tables with bright floral patterns are selected. Towels with lace embroidery, wicker soap dishes, wrought iron fasteners for shelves will be appropriate. Wood carved elements fit well.

ClassicBeautiful Bathroom Design Trends 2021

You can make notes of the classic style in the design of the bathroom by selecting tiles that mimic natural objects – stone, wood. Creates an atmosphere of aristocracy calm beige tone of the walls, doors, cabinets, shelves decorated with mahogany noble wood.

Vintage and luxurious Provence style is literally permeated with lightness, love and kindness.

The use of stucco moldings and antiques in the interior of a bathroom in the Provence style is an integral attribute of a rustic style

Classic style is not dominated by time; it is always in demand and popular. Elegance and cleanliness – his main hobby

East styleBeautiful Bathroom Design Trends 2021

Mysterious oriental notes, manifested in the design of the bathroom, look fresh and picturesque. It is enough to select the tiles on the wall and floor with a sophisticated bright ornament, as the space will completely transform. Adds the color inherent in oriental interiors to luxury – gold, red, lilac.

The style of oriental interior has its own peculiarity. In it, it is very important to maintain harmony and not to overload the space with small details. One of the shades should be dominant, and the rest are designed to create a harmonious overall atmosphere.

The simplicity of the eastern interior and at the same time its high cost are immediately evident. Everything should be tasteful and in moderation here.

Silver, gilding, gloss – all this emphasizes and makes the interior oriental special

Japanese styleBeautiful Bathroom Design Trends 2021

For small spaces, laconic and elegant Japanese style is one of the most suitable. When creating it, it is important to avoid crude imitation. Surfaces are monophonic in a combination of two, rarely three shades. For example, a black floor, brown furniture, gray walls and a ceiling. Or white walls with red panels and black plumbing.

In the Japanese interior, a combination of lilac with pink, red with yellow is welcome. Drawings on panels, plumbing can be in the form of hieroglyphs or elegant plant motifs.

The Japanese style of interior decoration is naturalness and simplicity, therefore, decorative elements – rugs, wall fans are made of natural materials.

In the Japanese style, plumbing, however, like the finishing materials themselves, should be on top

Every detail of the Japanese interior adheres to the main principle of oriental style – simplicity and convenience

Loft styleBeautiful Bathroom Design Trends 2021

For the bold, inclined to the adoption of non-standard decisions, people with fairly spacious bathrooms, you will like the modern free style of the loft. It is characterized by a rough finish of one of the walls – under a brick or stone. The remaining surfaces are monophonic.

In the installation of plumbing and furniture, complete freedom is allowed. If the area allows, the bath can be raised to the podium or placed in the center of the room. There should not be many bright spots, for example, a red sink next to a white bathtub and cream walls.

Brick walls, typical of the loft style, will perfectly combine with plain tiled in various colors

When choosing a tile, it is important to pay attention to its design and color. In the loft style, bright and contrasting shades are not welcome.

Beautiful harmony of two completely different, but at the same time similar in nature colors

Hi-techBeautiful Bathroom Design Trends 2021

Not recognizing splendor and catchiness, the modest high-tech style is ideal for small spaces. Walls usually resolve in plain colors, while saturated and vibrant hues are allowed.

A characteristic feature of this style is the lack of decorative artsy elements. Preference is given to simple clear lines of furniture, plumbing with metal, plastic, glass surfaces.

The bathroom design in hi-tech style fits perfectly with marble imitation floors combined with mosaics in the sink area.

MinimalismBeautiful Bathroom Design Trends 2021

Strict and orderly style with clear lines and the lack of catchy decor appreciate the calm, held in life people. Surfaces are solved in plain pastel or achromatic shades.

In the design of the interior design of a bathroom in the style of minimalism, there are usually two colors. Most often you can find a combination of white with gray, blue with turquoise, milk with light chestnut. The union of these shades will give the interior calmness, harmony and poise. If possible, all accessories and accessories should be hidden behind the facades of the wall cabinets.

Bathroom Furniture Tends 2021Beautiful Bathroom Design Trends 2021

The main criterion for the selection of furniture for the bathroom is its high moisture resistance. Due to the small area, it is convenient to place a hanging cabinet on one of the walls, where various hygiene items, household cleaners and detergents will be located. The most winning option are cabinets with mirrored doors and lighting.

Under the sink, a cabinet with sliding or swinging doors is most often installed. A laundry basket is conveniently placed in it. If preference was given to an open sink on an elegant leg, then the basket is selected without transparent facades. It must be equipped with a cover. Exterior decor should fit into the interior style.

Mirrors are placed separately on the walls and even under the ceiling, if when developing a design project for the future design of the bathroom, it was decided to use them as decorative elements designed to visually expand the space.

Bathroom Lighting Tends 2021Beautiful Bathroom Design Trends 2021

When designing the future interior of a bathroom, it is important to remember that a ceiling chandelier is rarely present in these rooms. For such a piece of furniture requires a fairly large area. More often on the ceiling is installed one corner lighting fixture, closed by a ceiling.

Of the modern solutions, ceiling spotlights with the necessary level of waterproofing are gaining popularity. Wall sconces serve as a zoning tool for even small spaces. They are placed above the mirror, next to the shelves.

Any lighting fixtures in the humid conditions characteristic of the bathroom should be installed by professional electricians. The minimum distance from any lamp to the bathtub or sink is 0.6 meters.

Light colors of the bathroom not only more vividly present bright colors, but also allow you to use the minimum number of lighting devices in the room

Combined bathroomBeautiful Bathroom Design Trends 2021

In an effort to expand the space, some people decide to carry out a redevelopment, removing the partition between the toilet and the bathroom. It must be borne in mind that without coordinating the rework project with BTI specialists, it is impossible to dismantle the wall. Having completed all the preliminary steps, they begin to create a design in an expanding room.

  • The ceiling should be done in classic white. Installation of moisture resistant tension structures is allowed. The most suitable material for conditions with high humidity is polyvinyl chloride. It is not susceptible to colonization of mold, it is easy to clean, and if necessary it will protect against leakage from above.
  • The walls are often laid out with ceramic tiles. Thanks to the expanded space, you can turn to interesting collections, combining both plain and textured types of tiles. They make up a harmonious composition and do not require additional efforts to select a color scheme. There may be many options. An interesting dynamics is created if three walls are solid, and the third is filled with tiles with geometric or floral patterns.

You can solve the lower part of the walls with a pattern, and make the top monochrome using tile with an ornament in the role of a decorative border. It can also be used for zoning the space, highlighting, for example, the area near the sink.

Increasingly, mosaic is used in the interior of bathrooms. Such a decorative finish should not be dominant, since it actively attracts attention. With its help, you can frame the mirror or arrange the walls around the shelves, visually highlighting this area.

Tiles or porcelain tiles remain the most popular types of floor finishes. More often they select darker colors than on other surfaces, which avoids excessive contrast in the room.

Recently, polymeric bulk floors have appeared in the combined sanitary facilities, creating a sense of depth if a decorative pattern is placed under a transparent surface.

Space Tips and IdeasBeautiful Bathroom Design Trends 2021

Regardless of the size of the room, it is important to place plumbing, furniture, accessories so that there is no sensation of chaos. There are several tricks that work for the harmonious organization of the combined space:

  • Mount the hinged compact toilet;
  • To store the necessary cleaning, washing, hygiene products, use a wall cabinet with mirror facades;
  • Install the washbasin combined with the cabinet in which the washing machine is placed;
  • The shower cabin is selected corner with a sliding door.

A universal solution that makes the design unique and the space infinite is a three-dimensional panel equipped with LED backlighting from the inside. The drawing is selected in accordance with the general theme of the created design. Modern trends tend to abstraction, which allows, if necessary, to bring a bright, modern sound into a monotonous interior.

Decorative mosaic in the interior of the bathroom looks very beautiful, especially when it is decorated with transparent glass and mirrors

Despite the fact that wood is not the best finishing material for a bathroom, with its proper processing it can last quite a long time.

The main criterion for creating a bathroom design is the preferences of all households. Remember that everything should be perfect in this room. An atmosphere of disturbance and discomfort is not allowed here.

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