Garden Furniture Trends 2022 – New outdoor landscaping collections

Garden Furniture Trends 2022 - new outdoor landscaping collections According to meteorologists, spring is already here! Yes ! No more cold, snow and melancholy days! To celebrate the future of sunny days, we will help you furnish your balcony, terrace or patio with style according to the latest trends. In this article you will find the most popular furniture materials, their advantages and disadvantages + inspiring ideas to arrange them in a super stylish way. So, without further ado, we present to you the ultimate guide to garden furniture trends 2022! Let’s give soul to your outdoor space!

What materials to choose for a garden furniture: trends for 2022Garden Furniture Trends 2022 - new outdoor landscaping collections

Whether you have a few square meters on a balcony in the city center or a large garden in the countryside, you can find wonderful and super comfortable furniture to suit your needs. Sometimes the choice can be very difficult, but in fact, you just need to ask yourself a few simple questions:

– How many square meters do you have available for garden furniture?

– What is your favorite exterior design style?

– What is your budget ?

Thus, the answers to these three questions may facilitate your choice. For example, if you have a small balcony, you should bet on a set of table and two folding chairs instead. But if you have a large space in front of the house that you want to arrange, go for a sofa and garden chairs that will ensure the ultimate in comfort.

In the following paragraphs we will help you answer the other two questions and by the end of the article you will be ready to visit the stores to find your dream furniture!

Plastic garden furniture trends 2022Garden Furniture Trends 2022

We start with the least expensive furniture that fits every budget – plastic ones. They not only exist in different colors and shades, but they are also made according to the canons of the trends 2022 – in imitation of rattan, stone, natural wood, metal and antiques. It is a good budget option for those who want to equip the chalet with the latest in design trends, but with minimal cost. These practical and comfortable furniture can decorate any landscape in the desired style.

Wooden garden furnitureGarden Furniture Trends 2022 - new outdoor landscaping collections

The wooden garden furniture is ecological, beautiful and aesthetic. Garden products are usually made from coniferous or hardwood lumber. These pieces of furniture are durable and practical, but can be vulnerable to humidity. In order to avoid unpleasant consequences, furniture is subjected to high-quality treatment in several stages: impregnation, staining or varnishing. The garden furniture wood can be purchased in any color desired, however, the price of such a product is quite high.

Bamboo, cane and rattan wicker furnitureGarden Furniture Trends 2022 - new outdoor landscaping collections

Bamboo, cane and rattan are classic natural materials for making garden furniture which have been at the peak of its popularity in recent years and 2022 is no exception. Products made from these materials are stylish, beautiful and light, and blend in perfectly with any landscape. It is one of the most aesthetic decorations in the garden. However, the period of use of this furniture is short. They are ephemeral and deteriorate easily. In addition, without a special coating, rattan, bamboo and reeds lose their color and deform under the influence of sun and moisture. It is undesirable to wash such furniture, and during the rainy period you need to store the products in a warm room.

Forged metal garden furnitureGarden Furniture Trends 2022 - new outdoor landscaping collections

Refined and beautiful, the garden furniture has an expensive, elegant and sophisticated air. In addition, it is a real success of 2022 in the production of garden furniture! The forged metal products will undoubtedly decorate the site and become a real strong point of landscaping, especially in combination with flower gardens and artificial ponds. The disadvantages of this material include only their weight and susceptibility to corrosion in the absence of proper care.

Stone furnitureGarden Furniture Trends 2022 - new outdoor landscaping collections

Stone has been a durable and perennial material for centuries. Stone products are original, monumental and always in fashion. They are beautiful and chic, but expensive. In addition, the stone is completely insensitive to solar radiation and humidity, it is not sensitive to corrosion and drying out. The only downside to stone garden furniture is its high price.

Overview of decorative elementsGarden Furniture Trends 2022 - new outdoor landscaping collections

Decoration is an indispensable part of every interior and exterior. And when it comes to the trendy garden furniture, the secondary elements are actually the key element that you absolutely must not miss. Why ? In 2022, garden furniture imitates living room furniture in its design. In this context, the small details are the final touch that will create a real paradise on the balcony or in the garden. Add drooping flowers, patio cushions, fairy lights and even a rug that will complete this warm atmosphere.

Popular furniture colors 2022Garden Furniture Trends 2022 - new outdoor landscaping collections

As you already know, the colors in vogue invite themselves not only in the fashion trends, but also in the interior / exterior design. So this year, opt for bright shades like “Marigold” orange, “Illuminating” yellow or fuchsia pink. Modern garden furniture should not blend in with the general landscape. Just the contrary! In 2022, the garden furniture becomes the most striking accent of the exterior design, standing out in an unusual way from the garden or the lawn.

Modern furniture designGarden Furniture Trends 2022 - new outdoor landscaping collections

The most fashionable trend in 2022 is garden furniture with precise and strict shapes. Cuboid tables, classic rectangular chairs and sofas are more fashionable than ever. The flip side of this trend is the fashion for smooth, rounded shapes.

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