New Terrace Design Trends for 2022

New Terrace Design Trends for 2022 How to decorate a terrace, veranda and patio with style and comfort? We tell you about the latest terrace and patio trends in 2022.

In a private house, especially in warmer months, the terrace and patio become the center of attraction. What better way to relax from the midday heat in the cool shade of the fresh air? This year, the main trend in the design of such spaces is home comfort and timeless design. The terrace becomes a harmonious continuation of the interior of the house.

On the street, at homeNew Terrace Design Trends for 2022

The boundary between interior and exterior tends to disappear or becomes barely visible. Modern garden furniture is more and more like home furniture, but at the same time it is highly durable. In the territory attached to the house, designers see an additional element of housing. A terrace, veranda or patio is the first thing that guests meet when visiting the house. That is why it is worth adding elements of home decor to the space of the street zone, which will connect the exterior with the interior decoration of the house. This can be done using the same pieces of furniture or accessories, present both outside and inside the home.

Boho styleNew Terrace Design Trends for 2022

In 2022, the boho style is back on top. Designers propose to decorate terraces in the style of nomadic dwellings, using heaps of pillows, colorful prints, oriental accessories, diverse pieces of furniture and wood decor. More than ever, garden furniture strives to disorientate with colors and textures inspired by distant lands. The game of contrasts is encouraged, when the hard weaving of chairs is combined with soft pillows and blankets. The palette is dominated by shades of earth and sea: brown, pink, coral, green, blue, terracotta.

Spectacular accessoriesNew Terrace Design Trends for 2022

Now a few chairs, table and chairs on the terrace are not enough. It’s time to complement them with stylish decor items, as is done in a home interior. There shouldn’t be many of them. Designers urge to pay attention to spectacular accessories: exquisite tables on a pedestal, unusual candlesticks, vases, trays on a stand, sets of bright napkins, designer lampshades, wicker baskets, garlands with colorful lamps.

Noble and raw materialsNew Terrace Design Trends for 2022

The garden remains a space where a person can come into contact with different natural textures, in contrast to the sophisticated home interior. Why not use this opportunity in the design of the terrace, as a transitional area between the house and the garden? You can vary the texture of your patio or terrace flooring by alternating between the tiles a row of stones or pebbles and ceramics. This floor will contrast well with the ground. Stone and wood are a classic pair for exterior decoration: the former will add luxury and style to patio décor, while wood will add a warm touch. An easier way is to choose tiles that mimic unusual combinations of materials.

Relax at heightNew Terrace Design Trends for 2022

Hanging wicker swing chairs in the form of a cocoon or gazebo have become a real hit this year. They look stylish both in the country and in the apartment. They give the terrace a bohemian and relaxed look. For more comfort, you need to complement the swing with soft pillows and a blanket. An alternative to an armchair is a hammock fixed in the corner of the patio.

Clean boundariesNew Terrace Design Trends for 2022

Installation of a curb or “frame” along the terrace site is not relevant in 2022. Now the borders can be left clean and allowed to flow smoothly into the garden. This style is aesthetically pleasing and gives the terrace a unique charm. It is also a convenient way to hide the ends of the boards for a cleaner finish. Instead of curbs and railings, you can zone with a color strip that is darker than the main floor surface. Contrasting but complementary shades look avant-garde and spectacular.

Less is moreNew Terrace Design Trends for 2022

Another fashionable trend in the design of adjoining territories in 2022 is minimalism. Sleek silhouettes, functional materials and a subdued color palette are all important elements of a modern terrace design. Accessories with sleek shapes made from natural materials complement the minimalist space.

Edible decorNew Terrace Design Trends for 2022

Terraces and patios are often decorated with plants in containers. It is practical and beautiful. In tall narrow containers you can plant not only flowers and ornamental grass, but also berries, edible greens and even mini-trees with fruits. Vegetarian and herbal mini-gardens are gaining popularity. They are brought up on city balconies and on country verandas. The aroma of fruit and greenery noticeably enlivens the patio space and is sure to please the guests.

Handicraft itemsNew Terrace Design Trends for 2022

Designs inspired by the classics of the past, combining traditional crafts with modern fashionable materials, are relevant in 2022. They look harmonious both in a wooden house, a terrace, and in an apartment or on a balcony. Linen and brass, which were once strictly intended for indoor use, are now boldly used outdoors. Handicraft elements and exquisite details are welcome in the decor of the terrace: fringe, weaving, lace.

Low furnitureNew Terrace Design Trends for 2022

Recently, the photo in the catalogs of country furniture has seen a smooth transition from standard products to lower ones with deep seating, specially designed for the relaxed atmosphere of terraces, verandas and patios. Low-rise sofas, armchairs, poufs, tables and chairs are perfect for a long, lazy outdoor party. They will look even more comfortable and stylish with soft pillows and textiles from different textures.

Dangerous mixNew Terrace Design Trends for 2022

In 2022, you don’t have to be afraid of a mix of materials and styles. Unexpected and exciting combinations are in vogue: wood, jute, metal, stone, straw, etc. An outdoor sofa or bench that combines a powder-coated metal frame and details made of rope and decorative stones looks actual and bold. Designer aged pieces are trending with modern materials such as laminate, steel or copper.

Air tentNew Terrace Design Trends for 2022

If you want privacy in the style of an oriental tent, then curtains can be fixed on the roof of the terrace. This year, designers propose not skimping on soft and airy fabrics with a durable and practical composition. They create an atmosphere of comfort and glamor in the fresh air. With them, the terrace turns out to be closed from prying eyes, but at the same time it does not lose space and air.

Scale on the floorNew Terrace Design Trends for 2022

If the terrace flooring is to be repaired, then this year it is important to replace it with large slabs or wide wooden boards. This will give the floor a modern and more natural look without multiple seams or crevices. Reclaimed stone slabs, large-scale floor tiles and wood planks combined with PVC are in trend.

Intelligent lightingNew Terrace Design Trends for 2022

Smart light plays a major role in modern design. It is compared to a piece of furniture, offering an additional element of style. In 2022, in open spaces, lighting is maximally integrated with furniture, which creates interesting lighting scenarios. Smart lighting solutions have now migrated to terraces, patios and gardens. These can be spotlights mounted directly into the floor, paths or stairs, smart lamps with different illumination and illumination intensity, or street lights with touch sensors.

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